Idaho House lawmakers contentiously debated an appropriations bill funding the state’s higher education institutions Wednesday. At the unique request of the sponsor, legislators voted down the spending bill, so it could be returned to the Joint Finance-Appropriations Committee.


A gap year is time some students take away from the college classroom to volunteer, find themselves and generally prepare for the higher-ed experience. It's a common experience in Europe but has become more common in the U.S. in recent years.

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A gap year is time some students take away from the college classroom to volunteer, find themselves and generally prepare for the higher ed experience. Last fall, Boise State pioneered a structured gap year program to help retain students during the pandemic.

Anne Frank Memorial (3)
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The Wassmuth Center still has $1 million to raise for its $3 million building set to break ground by early October. But funding seems to be on track for the opening. The learning center will stand next to the Anne Frank memorial.

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Many young adults have a dream of leaving where they were raised, to find a life outside of the confines of where they grew up. Author Grace Olmstead knows this feeling well. She grew up outside of Emmett, Idaho but left to go to college on the East Coast. Except for visits back home she’s spent the better part of a decade living and working outside of Washington D.C.


The Wassmuth Center for Human Rights in downtown Boise is planning to build a one-of-a-kind human rights education center. The $3 million project is slated to break ground this fall.



This year has been challenging for public school teachers navigating the pandemic. As the Idaho Legislature picks up speed in it’s final few weeks this session, we take a look at policy through the lens of educators. 


Most students enrolled half-time or more in college typically aren't eligible for the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP), sometimes known as food stamps. But temporary changes to the federal program are allowing some low-income students to take advantage during the pandemic.

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Last week the Idaho House killed a bill that would allow the State Board of Education to receive nearly $6 million in federal grants for early childhood education and child care. A group of mostly women protested this rejection and are trying to pressure the legislature to change their mind and accept the grant funding. But what kind of programs are dependent on this money? And how do these programs contribute to improving education in Idaho?


Many of us know the joy of opening up a book with our child, niece or grandkid and exploring a new story with them. But sharing a good book with a young person can also be done a community-wide basis. And although we can’t gather in-person as easily today, virtual reading communities can help fill that void. 


For the past year, we have talked so much about science and biology. And for good reason: as a pandemic has rocked the planet. So, can you imagine what it's like to take a biology class in 2021, in the shadow of this biological crisis? 

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As New Central District Health guidelines have replaced a mask mandate with recommendation in Ada and Valley counties, librarians say their safety isn’t being prioritized.

Jordan Broncho

My name is Jordan Broncho. I work at Chief Tahgee Elementary. I am a Shoshone language teacher for kindergarten and first grade.

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Yesterday, one of Idaho’s biggest school districts returned to the virtual classroom after the holiday break. The Boise School District is home to nearly 25,000 students and about 4,500 employees. 

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Idaho has been awarded a $6 million grant per year for the next three years to help support early learning and school readiness.

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Everything is based in stories. We want to be understood in our most human level, and storytelling is the easiest way to do that. When I create spaces for myself to be a storyteller, it's not so much about me. It's about making sure that folks around me also in that space know that they are storytellers. My name is The Storyteller, but everybody is capable of storytelling.

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One of the big issues for students when it comes to distance learning is not having adequate WiFi. A Boise-based tech company, MetaGeek, is offering anyone who’s involved with remote learning free home WiFi help. That means if you’re a teacher or a student, you’ll have free help in making sure your WiFi is stable.

Five parents who sued the West Ada School District’s teachers’ union over last month’s sickout protest have agreed to dismiss the issue in court.

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This interview originally aired Oct. 15, 2020.

When the pandemic hit in March, businesses suffered. And all those people who were going to start new jobs or internships were suddenly left hanging. But Boise State’s College of Business and Economics saw an opportunity. They’re matching students with local nonprofits and small businesses for internships supported by some generous grant funding. 

Now, students left without work are getting real world experience, and local organizations typically unable to pay interns are getting that much needed support. 

Breanne Lobenberg is a student interning at the Red Cross of Idaho and Montana and joins Idaho Matters live with Laura Chiuppi, the Director of Career Services for the College of Business and Economics at Boise State.