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So many children in Idaho deal with food insecurity on a daily basis. During a regular school year, kids often have access to food through their schools. But what about summer weekends, during a pandemic?

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The dairy industry is big business in Idaho, and is one of the strongest sectors of our agriculture economy. But what does the future of dairy farming look like in the state?

Idaho High Schools Send Off Seniors From A Distance

May 23, 2020
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Most high schools in the state are celebrating graduates with some form of a physically distanced ceremony. 

Boise High School hosted its event last week.


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Every year, Idaho high school students participate in Law Day, an event to help students better understand the law and our legal system. This year’s event had a special project: a podcast contest for high school students. 

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Communications major Lola Perez was one of nearly 2,800 seniors who graduated this Saturday virtually. She capped off her senior year in Boise with champagne and local pastries, while family cheered her on from Kauai, Hawaii.


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With in-person graduation ceremonies cancelled, finance major Kaleb Smith had low expectations for the end of his senior year. But now, on the eve of Boise State’s online ceremony, Smith says he’s looking forward to it. 


“It's still graduation day, right? And I didn't really expect to feel as excited as I do,” said Smith. 

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Boise State University will put on its first ever virtual graduation tomorrow. Although students will miss out on a typical rite of passage, they’re still doing what they can to celebrate their achievements and prepare for their future. Our Morning Edition host George Prentice spoke with three of the grads — Austin Lamb of Fargo, North Dakota; Daniele Moro of Avezzano, Italy; and Emily Pape of Boise, Idaho — and shares their story. 

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When college classes moved online almost two months ago, students were nervous about how they’d be able to learn with this new format. But their professors were also struggling with the same thought: how to effectively teach their students remotely. 

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Students across Idaho are now doing school at home. But many are having to balance school work with their agricultural jobs to make money for their families

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As families continue to stay home in order to slow the spread of the coronavirus, many parents have had to take on a new role: that of educator. In normal circumstances that is a big lift. Add a global pandemic to the ask, and it can be overwhelming. 

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In the past nine years, 21 graduate and undergraduate students have been awarded Fulbright Scholarships. This year, five Boise State students have been chosen, setting a new state record.

Idaho State University

Idaho State University has accepted more students for next year than it did for this year, but that doesn't mean it'll have more students enrolling.

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K-12 public school students and parents are navigating uncertain territory these days with schools still closed around Idaho. Depending on the district, schools might be better or worse equipped to teach students online. 

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Most college students dread group projects. Dividing the work evenly is always hard, and even basic communication can be stressful. Idaho State University professor Alex Bolinger researches groups and teams, and for his honors class, he thought a textbook wouldn’t suffice. 

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School districts across our state are dealing with unique challenges since school buildings have been closed due to the coronavirus pandemic. Some districts were ready to teach kids online, while others were not. 

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This week is the “Week of the Young Child,” an annual celebration sponsored by the National Association for the Education of Young Children. The goal is to raise awareness about the needs of young children and their families.

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Overnight, the coronavirus turned us parents into teachers, responsible for facilitating our kids’ education while also working from home ourselves. This has not been easy. But, there are moments of joy in the challenges. 

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You don’t have to be sick or even know someone who is to feel the effects of the coronavirus. This virus has gone viral in other ways: scary news about chaotic financial markets, suspended sports events, closed schools and new infection numbers dominate the radio, TV and our conversations.

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The Idaho State Board of Education approved a soft closure of school districts in late March.


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So many Idaho famliies are trying to adapt to a new normal during the coronavirus outbreak. Staying healthy and maintaining social distancing standards are essential. But what about the added pressures for families who now are juggling work, school and family life all under one roof?