There’s a college dropout crisis in America. That’s according to a recent report from the New York Times and the Urban Institute’s Center on Education Data and Policy. They found that roughly one in three students who enroll in college never earn a degree.

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We’re in the middle of the “100 Deadliest Days” on Idaho roadways — that’s the stretch between Memorial Day and Labor Day. Officials say teen-related crashes are a part of that problem.

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A group of Idaho fourth graders have released tiny trout they raised from eggs in their Gooding classroom.



Five Idaho charter schools were recently awarded with $800,000 in federal funds allowing for the addition of 2,484 new seats for K-12 students. Idaho Matters looks at the growth of charter schools in the region with Bluum CEO Terry Ryan and Sage International School executive director Keith Donahue.

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Idaho's average teacher pay has declined by 6.4% since 2009, adjusted for inflation. This is just one of the reasons cited by Idaho Education Association president Kari Overall and Idaho Association of School Administrators executive director Rob Winslow for the inability of the state to retain experienced teachers. On Tuesday's Idaho Matters, we talk with Overall and Winslow about what the state can do to keep veteran teachers in Gem Stae classrooms.

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May is National Pet Month, and to highlight it we’re looking at an organization that works to promote something called “humane education.” The nonprofit Helping Idaho Dogs looks to boost the number of registered therapy dog teams in the Gem State and spreads the benefits of being with an animal.

Teacher Pay Gap Reaches New Highs

May 20, 2019

Public school teachers are seeing historically low wages compared to workers with similar education and skills. Noah Glick found our region varies wildly according to a new report.

Last year, the weekly wages for teachers was more than 21 percent lower than those of comparable workers. That’s according to the recent analysis from the Economic Policy Institute.


Idaho Education News reporter Kevin Richert stops by Idaho Matters to catch us up on the latest education stories in the state. $53.9 million in bond issues and levies are being requested by 17 rural Idaho school districts. We look at the May 21 election on the issuance, a new K-12 education task force and an increase in school bullying.

Boise State Students Search For Bodies At Old Idaho Pen

May 16, 2019
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The Boise State Geophysics Club is taking part in a truly unusual school activity: They are looking for dead bodies. Dead prisoners, to be exact, 55 buried on the grounds of the Old Idaho PenitentiaryIdaho Matters talks with Amber Beierle, Historic Sites Administrator with the Idaho State Historical Society and Dylan Mikesell, a Boise State geosciences assistant professor and advisor to the club.

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In each year since 2007, the Davis Project for Peace awards funds to college students around the world who propose "peace projects" that facilitate education, clean resources, agricultural assistance and medical aid for developing communities. Students from the College of Idaho have won this honor 12 years in a row. This year's recipient is Anniella Kabitso, who will be returning to her home country of Burundi for the summer to work on her project, “Book, Dialogue, and the Clean Light that Lasts: Burundi.” 

Meridian Library

The Meridian Library is a winner of the highest honor that can be given to museums and libraries across the country.

Engineering For Kids Turns STEM Education Into A Party

May 7, 2019
engineering for kids

Discussions about improving STEM education usually revolve around the classroom. Engineering for Kids develops classes, workshops and camps for franchisees in 33 countries that let kids enjoy themselves while learning after school, during breaks and even at birthday parties. We talk with Leslie Buch, co-owner and program director and Orlando Chavez, business director of Engineering for Kids Metro Boise about keeping STEM education cool after school.

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A small group of high school freshman staged a walkout this week at Teton High in Driggs. The students’ demonstration reignited debate about the school’s controversial mascot.

Boise State University

The 2019 Idaho Entrepreneur Challenge invites teams from Idaho's colleges and universities to compete for $100,000 of seed money for a tech startup. Six of seven Boise State teams have advanced to the finals of this competition and Idaho Matters talks with Ryan Vasso, associate director of Boise State's Venture College, about the challenge and competing Boise State students Brett Burns and Isaac Jaynes.


A sixth grade class at Washington Elementary has recorded an entry for NPR's Student Podcast Challenge. The title of their podcast is "Basquing in Potatoes" and on Thursday's Idaho Matters, we meet budding podcasters Annelise Humphrey and Samy Tipping and their teacher, Angela Troy.

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A Boise State creative writing class recently had a unique speaker visit their class via Skype; horror legend Stephen King checked in to share ideas with future writers. We'll learn about the program that brings writers like King into the classroom.

Boise State University

Marlene Tromp will join Boise State University as the seventh president in the university’s history. A packed crowd of students, faculty and staff applauded loudly as the Idaho State Board of Education voted to approve her appointment Tuesday. They also approved her $425,000 salary.


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Boise State professor Christopher Innes uses references from pop culture - Shrek, Nemo, et al, to help students connect with concepts of philosophy. Innes joins Idaho Matters to connect the dots between Pokémon and Plato . . . 

. . . and Idaho Matters takes a moment to commemorate one full year on the air with shout-outs to team members and supporters.

The Rotary Club's Youth Exchange allows American students the opportunity to travel and study in foreign countries as well as bring foreign students to American families to share cultures. Beth Markley, coordinator for the Rotary District 5400 (Boise) Youth Exchange Program and former exchange student Tara Spencer joins Idaho Matters to discuss the program.


The Idaho Association for the Education of Young Children is promoting Week of the Young Child, a family-friendly week of activities connecting families with community resources for their kids. Idaho Matters speaks with Brandi Nyhof and Allison Maier, outreach coordinators with IAEYC.