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Have you ever wanted to take a tour of the Morley Nelson Snake River Birds of Prey National Conservation Area? How about a guided walk along the petroglyphs in Celebration Park near Melba? Would you like to tips to better spot raptors? Draw a kestrel? Let your kids make a short-eared owl mask?

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When I was little, my dad and I would walk behind our house in west-central Montana and stare at the ground. And then walk. Stare. Walk. Stare. We'd do this for hours, searching for that tasty, edible and highly prized morel mushroom.

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On Sunday, May 18, 1980, Mount St. Helens in Washington erupted. The volcanic blast and its after effects killed 57 people and caused millions of dollars of damage, sending ash and sulphuric acid into Idaho, Oregon and across Washington. 

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There are many places in our communities that we cannot visit right now. One of them in the Treasure Valley is Zoo Boise. How are the animals doing? What about the staff that takes care of the creatures? And when might we get to visit the giraffes, tigers and African dogs that live there?

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The coronavirus pandemic is exposing a lot of issues in our society. One of those? Food insecurity. But at the same time that our world seems to be facing the worst of problems, communities are coming together to tackle these together. 

In much of the West, snowpack levels have historically been one of the more reliable ways to determine whether a drought was coming. But a new study says climate change could soon make snowpack data much less reliable.

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A 100-acre ranch along the South Fork of the Salmon River is now under a conservation easement with the Payette Land Trust, ensuring the land won’t be used for future mining development. 

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A National Wildlife Federation report published this week says new oil and gas leases on public lands could harm existing hunting economies in the West.

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The Boise Bicycle Project has a new friend in the Treasure Valley. The Nampa Bicycle Project is up and running and is now fully established as a 501(c)3 non-profit. 

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Fifty years ago today as air pollution choked America’s skies, and oily, oozing rivers – like one in Cleveland – caught fire and burned, a senator and 20 college students decided to make a change. 

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A new study in the journal Science says that human-driven climate change is pushing the American West into a megadrought, and into its driest period in more than 400 years.


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As a response to the coronavirus pandemic and widespread layoffs, Idaho Power has declared it will not be disconnecting power for those who fail to pay their bill. That’s one of several changes Idaho Power has made to the way it runs the state’s power grid. 


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The coronavirus has stopped many things that happen each year: birthdays, weddings and holidays just to name a few. But one thing that doesn’t stop because of a virus is wildfires.

Overall, Idaho has had a pretty good winter when it comes to snowfall. What does that mean for the state’s precipitation picture? Frankie Barnhill explains.

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Since 1932, the Natural Resources Conservation Service has collected and published updates about snowpack, precipitation, reservoirs and streamflow in Idaho. This data in part helps the agriculture industry prepare for the coming months. 


COVID-19 is taking most of our attention now, but in the midst of it all, another crisis is on the horizon: it’s almost wildfire season in Idaho. 

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Some of the nation's top polluters are now running on the honor system after the Environmental Protection Agency last week announced relaxed enforcement of environmental regulations amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

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A proposed wind farm in southern Idaho could become one of the largest in the nation.


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Boise city officials told residents they could recycle certain plastics for repurposing as diesel fuel as part of the EnergyBag program. 

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As spring weather in parts of Idaho begins to make an appearance, you might be daydreaming about warm gatherings with friends and family on a green patch of grass in a local park. In Boise, Parks and Recreation officials are already planning for the busy spring and summer months by taking a new strategy to maintain those green spaces.  

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As water becomes more scarce in the Mountain West, a new analysis finds that a surprising amount is being used to raise cattle.

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Walking her dogs every evening in Meridian, Wanna Know Idaho listener Morgan Keating began to wonder: what’s up with all these seagulls? And suddenly, birds of all kinds were everywhere. (Cue the cliche Hitchcock montage.) 

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Between 1938-1976, the federal government built four dams on the Snake River. The dams are authorized for hydropower, navigation, recreation, fish and wildlife, water quality and irrigation. But damming any major river has serious implications for wildlife – in this case: salmon. 

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Light pollution is usually associated with big towns and cities. But a new kind of light pollution map shows it’s also a problem in rural areas, including in the Mountain West.


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Want to help save declining bees and butterflies? Or maybe you're curious about raising chickens for fresh eggs, or how to compost like a pro?