Overall, Idaho has had a pretty good winter when it comes to snowfall. What does that mean for the state’s precipitation picture? Frankie Barnhill explains.

South Central Idaho May Face Drought This Summer

Apr 8, 2020
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Since 1932, the Natural Resources Conservation Service has collected and published updates about snowpack, precipitation, reservoirs and streamflow in Idaho. This data in part helps the agriculture industry prepare for the coming months. 

Bureau of Land Management


COVID-19 is taking most of our attention now, but in the midst of it all, another crisis is on the horizon: it’s almost wildfire season in Idaho. 

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Some of the nation's top polluters are now running on the honor system after the Environmental Protection Agency last week announced relaxed enforcement of environmental regulations amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

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A proposed wind farm in southern Idaho could become one of the largest in the nation.


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City of Boise


Boise city officials told residents they could recycle certain plastics for repurposing as diesel fuel as part of the EnergyBag program. 

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As spring weather in parts of Idaho begins to make an appearance, you might be daydreaming about warm gatherings with friends and family on a green patch of grass in a local park. In Boise, Parks and Recreation officials are already planning for the busy spring and summer months by taking a new strategy to maintain those green spaces.  

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As water becomes more scarce in the Mountain West, a new analysis finds that a surprising amount is being used to raise cattle.

Has The Treasure Valley Gone To The Birds?

Mar 3, 2020
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Walking her dogs every evening in Meridian, Wanna Know Idaho listener Morgan Keating began to wonder: what’s up with all these seagulls? And suddenly, birds of all kinds were everywhere. (Cue the cliche Hitchcock montage.) 

Feds Say Snake River Dams Are Here To Stay

Mar 2, 2020
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Between 1938-1976, the federal government built four dams on the Snake River. The dams are authorized for hydropower, navigation, recreation, fish and wildlife, water quality and irrigation. But damming any major river has serious implications for wildlife – in this case: salmon. 

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Light pollution is usually associated with big towns and cities. But a new kind of light pollution map shows it’s also a problem in rural areas, including in the Mountain West.


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Want to help save declining bees and butterflies? Or maybe you're curious about raising chickens for fresh eggs, or how to compost like a pro? 

About one-third of Americans live in areas that regularly have unhealthy levels of air pollution, according to a new analysis out this week from Environment America, an organization of state-based environmental advocacy groups throughout the country.

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If you travel 30 miles south of Boise to Murphy, you'll find a unique home for the highest nesting density of birds of prey in North America. This is the Morley Nelson Snake River Birds of Prey National Conservation Area, which celebrated its 25th anniversary two years ago.  

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Rural economies could get a massive boost under policies meant to decrease carbon emissions, according to an analysis by the Center for American Progress, a progressive think tank.


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Earlier this month, the Trump Administration proposed changes to fundamental environmental rules. The National Environmental Policy Act has been in place since President Richard Nixon signed it into law in 1970. 

But in recent years, some people have questioned whether some elements of NEPA go too far, holding back industries like ranching and mining. 

On a frigid Tuesday evening, Brent Yatkeman is scrambling to save an avalanche victim buried in the snow somewhere on a ski hill near Park City, Utah. 

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Idaho’s oil and gas industry continues to spark interest, concern and controversy, especially in Payette County. Natural gas was discovered in southwest Idaho in 2010. Since then several gas wells and one oil well have been built. Now those wells are changing hands -- again. The new owner wants to put past issues of transparency and underpayments by the first owner behind him.

The Wyoming Game and Fish Commission is calling on the National Park Service to cancel its plans to use aerial gunning to remove invasive mountain goats from Grand Teton National Park.

On Wednesday, the commission passed a resolution condemning the plan, writing, "Having government personnel kill mountain goats from helicopters and leaving them to rot and be wasted is unacceptable."

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Several conservation groups filed notice Thursday that they intend to sue the Trump administration over protections for wolverines.