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Rural communities are generally under-served by high-speed internet. Often, the costs of providing the service across open spaces cannot be recovered through a small number of subscriptions. Native communities are 26% less served by broadband internet compared to those living in rural areas outside of reservations. 

In "Sunny Days," through rigorous research and extensive interviews of key Sesame Street figures, bestselling author David Kamp has produced a fun and fascinating work of cultural history.

New Report Spotlights The Rural West’s Connectivity Gap 

A report published this week by the National Association of Counties found that more than 75% of rural counties had internet and cellular connections that fell well below minimum government standards. The problem is especially acute in the Mountain West. For the most part, only wealthy enclaves like Jackson, Wyoming, have good broadband, the study’s connectivity maps show.

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The Federal Communications Commission is re-aligning over-the-air TV signals to make room for more broadband services. Idaho Matters discusses this with an FCC official.

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