Grizzly Bears

Bryant Olsen / Flickr Creative Commons

A grizzly bear frequenting an eastern Idaho apple orchard has been captured and relocated by state wildlife managers.

Homeowner Ronald Benchley tells The Standard Journal he called Idaho Fish and Game after a surveillance camera photographed the bear at night in the orchard near his home northeast of Ashton.

Idaho Fish and Game workers set up a culvert trap Sunday and returned Monday to find the 300-pound female grizzly bear inside.

grizzly bear, yellowstone
Xinem / Flickr Creative Commons

Officials are investigating the killing of a young female grizzly bear shot by the caretaker of a private residence in eastern Idaho near Yellowstone National Park.

Gregg Losinski of the Idaho Department of Fish and Game says the bear was killed Friday evening in the Island Park area. No humans were injured.

The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service is investigating because grizzlies are listed as a threatened species.

Losinski says the caretaker was carrying a high-powered rifle because a bear had been at the property before and torn down a birdfeeder.

grizzly bear, yellowstone
Xinem / Flickr Creative Commons

A grizzly bear bit two Bureau of Land Management contract workers in remote country in eastern Idaho but fled after one of the men doused it with pepper spray.

The encounter Thursday happened west of the Island Park Reservoir, about 35 miles from the Wyoming-Montana border and Yellowstone National Park.

At least one of the men required stitches in wounds on his thigh and buttocks. The other man suffered minor bite wounds on his hand.

They were treated at a regional hospital and released.