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Shortly after Emily Goodwin relocated her family across the country, they got some big news.   

“We found out we were pregnant less than a month after we moved here and that was a huge surprise,” says Goodwin, who has a homestead in Melba, Idaho.



Seasonal Affective Disorder is a strain of depression that shifts with the season, often spiking in the winter as sunlight and heat are reduced. Idaho Matters looks at this topic with Optum Idaho.


Idaho is one of seven states without a maternal mortality review panel - a group of medical professionals tasked with reviewing the causes of death of pregnant women or women in childbirth. A bill before the legislature would create one and we talk with a lawmaker and a St. Al's OB/GYN about the importance of these panels.

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Reports that counterfeit car seats are circulating for sale on the internet have child safety advocates concerned these cheap knock-offs could pose a serious threat in the event of a car accident. Idaho Matters looks at the importance of sourcing and installing your car seat correctly.

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Dental cavities can spread from one person to another and on Tuesday's Idaho Matters, we talk about proper dental care with Delta Dental of Idaho.

There's currently another measles outbreak, this time in the Pacific Northwest. In the Mountain West, states are below the national average for measles vaccination, which could also put us at risk.


The Allergy Group of Boise is rolling out a new treatment for people with food allergies that involves slowly building up the body's immune response to an allergen. We'll talk with the group's Dr Neetu Talreja about the new approach.

Saltzer Medical Group

The Saltzer Medical Group is launching an initiative to prevent domestic and child abuse by educating young women about healthy relationships. The Healthy Relationships/Safe Babies program is trying to get ahead of the issue by having young women ask themselves hard, honest questions about their relationships and help them to identify red flags.

Cycling Promotes A Healthy Heart

Feb 5, 2019
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February is American Heart Health Month and Idaho Matters speaks with St. Al'sand a Boise bike team about cardiac health and the benefits of cycling.


measles outbreak in Eastern Washington highlights the importance of childhood immunizations. Idaho Matters looks at the threat to Western Idahoans and what people can do to protect themselves and their children from measles.

Illness Threatening Idaho From East And West

Feb 5, 2019
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An epidemic of what’s been described as a "flu-like" illness has brought schools to a screeching halt in eastern Idaho. Four districts in the east have shut down in recent days due to sickness.

Community health centers facilitate care for more than 180,000 Idahoans annually. We talk with Terry Reilly Health Services and Family Medicine Health Centers about providing affordable and immediate health care from Downtown Boise to the state's most rural reaches.

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St. Luke's is seeking participants for the study of a new treatment for myopia, or near-sightedness. The treatment is as simple as some eye drops. We talk with the pediatric ophthalmologist heading up the study.

Ground will be broken this Friday for a new Ronald McDonald House in Boise. The valley's explosive growth has forced the organization to turn away families looking for a place to stay while their children receive medical care. The new $15 million facility is more than 40,000 square feet and we learn how the new building will help families seeking care for their children.

lost river wellness

Lost River Wellness provides drop-in services and addiction treatment in Boise's north end. COO Mike Biggins joins Idaho Matters to talk about their unique approach to treatment.

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Over 35 cases of measles have been confirmed in Washington, and cases are appearing in Oregon too. With the highly contagious virus on the state’s doorstep, Idaho authorities are bracing for it to appear here.

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Public health officials scrambling to contain a measles outbreak in the U.S. Northwest warned people to vaccinate their children Monday and worried that it could take months to contain the highly contagious viral illness due to a lower-than-normal vaccination rate at the epicenter of the crisis.

Following his service in the military, Andrew Coussens went to work as a private military contractor in Afghanistan, Iraq and various classified locations. He found the work created incredible strains on his family, and while he assumed the risk of an active military member, he wasn't privy to the benefits afforded to military veterans. Coussens parlayed his experience into the novel, "A Failed State." He joins Idaho Matters to talk about his book and the challenges faced by private military contractors after they come home.

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Every year, the American Cancer Society Cancer Action Network holds rallies across the country to give a voice to those impacted by cancer. Idaho’s Cancer Action Day takes place all morning at the statehouse, beginning with a “legislative breakfast” where volunteers can meet with lawmakers.



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Researchers are learning about how isolation and loneliness contribute to both physical and emotional deterioration. A Boise entrepreneur is addressing the issue by offering human contact in the form of snuggling. We'll meet Charlotte Lindsay, founder and owner of Snuggle Buddiez.

national cervical cancer coalition

January is Cervical Cancer Awareness Month and each year, nearly 13,000 women in America are diagnosed with cervical cancer. We talk about detection and treatment with Dr. Meghan Wallman, an OB/GYN with St. Luke's.


Private insurance does not cover the costs for most hearing aids for youths. Efforts to change that are afoot in the state legislature. Idaho Matters follows up  with the representative spearheading the initiative and the mother of three children who require hearing aids.

January is Thyroid Health Awareness Month and Idaho Matters looks at the role this little gland plays in our overall health with St. Luke's internist, Sherwin D'Souza.

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Making New Year's resolutions is easy. Keeping them is another story. Idaho Matters speaks with Optum Idaho about the best way to stick to those resolutions, whether it means exercising, putting down that doughnut or quitting tobacco.


There are correlations between one's location and the quality of their health. Idaho Matters looks at a data-gathering mission examining the health of Idahoans in the Southwest part of the state.