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The state of Idaho is still working to implement voter-approved Medicaid Expansion. The debate over expansion has been front and center in the public eye this year. But behind the scenes, health care providers around the state are preparing for the influx of patients, once thousands of more people are eligible for Medicaid. We find out how one hospital system is getting ready.

Frankie Barnhill / Boise State Public Radio

The Blue Cross of Idaho Foundation says one of every three children in Idaho is overweight or obese, which can lead to health problems such as heart disease, high blood pressure and diabetes. To help stop those risks, the Foundation gives out Community Transformation Grants to Idaho communities to provide access to physical activity and healthy, affordable foods. Gemma Gaudette takes a look at the program.

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Children with special needs in the Magic Valley have a place to turn when they need special equipment, therapy, travel assistance or family counseling. Since 2006, St. Luke’s Magic Valley Health Foundation has helped more than 400 kids with speech therapy, physical therapy, equipment and hippotherapy. Idaho Matters finds out more about this special program.

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The Idaho Department of Insurance is warning Idahoans to be wary of a surge in robocalls offering fake or limited coverage as comprehensive health insurance.

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As summer temperatures rise, the hot days can be uncomfortable and even dangerous for those experiencing homelessness.



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Pancreatic cancer is hard to find and to treat. We take a look at the Purple Stride Walk which fosters awareness and education about the warning signs.

Reclaim Idaho

This July marks the anniversary of when supporters turned in their gathered signatures for Medicaid expansion. Though the expansion was approved by Idaho voters last fall, Medicaid Expansion has yet to take place in the Gem State.

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Stress affects all of us, but for those who work in healthcare, the risks of stress can be hazardous. In a job that is inherently stressful, it is important that medical providers have strategies to combat and cope with the physical, mental and emotional stresses of their occupation. We talk with a nurse practitioner about the techniques she and others can use to maintain a balanced work and personal life.

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One local sprinter talks about his journey from active guy, to heart attack patient, to getting back on the track. We talk to Jim Lucker about a special program that got him running again in the Senior Games.

Medical and public-health groups are calling climate change "a health emergency," in a new report released Monday. Organizations like the American Lung Association and the American Medical Association are demanding elected officials and other leaders to prioritize action.

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Earlier this month, a group of doctors and administrators from St. Luke's flew to Honduras to treat patients for various ailments and illnesses. St. Luke's has been flying these relief missions for years and we learn about the latest effort with St. Luke's COO David Bishop.

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Botox is the miracle botulism that evens out facial wrinkles. Now doctors are finding benefits from applying Botox medically. Idaho Matters talks with St. Luke's neurologist Stephen Asher about these advances and a local drummer who is finding Botox effective for treating dystonia.

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Kaiser Permanente, a national healthcare system, is launching a rare national gun violence prevention study. Research into the topic has been sparse since Congress all but cut off federal funding more than 20 years ago.

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West Nile Virus was detected in Canyon County mosquitos this week, for the first time this season.

Canyon County is a serial web drama that follows the day-to-day of a Treasure Valley social worker suffering from depression. The candid look at coping with mental illness can only be found online and Idaho Matters talks with co-writers Elliot Norton and Chuck O'Neachtain.

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June is Men's Health Month and Idaho Matters speaks with St. Luke's urologist, Dr. Robert Jackson, about prostate and testicular cancer screenings, heart health and the importance of keeping fit.

Erik Richardson

Family physician Dr. Erik Richardson uses his YouTube program, "FamilyMed," to connect viewers with educational medical videos. Richardson joins Idaho Matters to talk about using social media to educate Idahoans.

St. Luke's PICU

St. Luke’s hospital has just launched Idaho’s first dedicated pediatric trauma program at its Children’s Hospital.


st. luke's

St. Luke's has opened the first dedicated pediatric trauma program in Idaho and we speak with Dr. Kathryn Beattie and Dr. Kendra Bowman on filling this medical niche in a growing community.

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Author Lynda Wolters suffers from a rare form of cancer that is terminal. She used the written word to bring attention to the commonalities people have with each other in an effort to draw communities together. Wolter joins Idaho Matters to discuss her latest book that collates the voices of cancer patients and survivors.

1 In 10 Seniors Are Victims Of Elder Neglect Or Abuse

Jun 11, 2019

June is National Elder Abuse Prevention Month and the Justice Alliance for Vulnerable Adults (JAVA) is partnering with Assistant U.S. District Attorney Sean Mazorol to bring attention to the warning signs of elder abuse. Idaho Matters talks with Marozol and Mary Holden, JAVA's coordinator about spotting the signs of and reporting elder abuse.

The American Cancer Society's Relay for Life takes place on June 21 and we talk with ACS - Ada County's Whitney Stoolman and Armelene Matson about the organization's premier fundraising event.

'Don't Punish Pain' Supports Sufferers Of Chronic Pain

Jun 10, 2019
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2016 CDC guidelines regarding the prescription and discontinuation of opioid pain medications were initiated to curtail the growing addiction epidemic. Doctors and pharmacists were given non-mandatory recommendations on how much to prescribe and when to stop refills; in some municipalities, counties and states, lawmakers used these guidelines to pass legal restrictions leaving many with chronic pain unable to obtain pain relieving medications. Don't Punish Pain organizes voices and rallies appealing for a repeal of these guidelines and laws. Idaho Matters meets Samantha Fleenor, a local organizer with Idaho Don't Punish Pain.


Yoga therapist Kaelyn Rogers spent a year-and-a-half traveleing the world, studying yoga and contemplating how she could bring that experience back to Boise to the benefit of the community. Rogers' solution was to bring yoga into IDOC facilities and train inmates. The program has been successful and on Thursday, she joins Idaho Matters with Deputy Warden Randy Valley from the Idaho State Correctional Institution.

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The American Cancer Society predicts nearly 75,000 Americans will be diagnosed with malignant melanoma this year. On Friday's Idaho Matters, we speak with Boise dermatologist Dustin Portela about keeping your skin safe this summer.