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 This segment originally aired on February 12, 2019.


Reports that counterfeit car seats are circulating for sale on the internet have child safety advocates concerned these cheap knock-offs could pose a serious threat in the event of a car accident. Idaho Matters looks at the importance of sourcing and installing your car seat correctly.

Camp Rainbow Gold

Camp Rainbow Gold, a rustic retreat for young cancer patients, has found a permanent home in Camas County near Fairfield.

The camp is putting down roots in Camas County after a long and complicated effort to secure a site in Blaine County near the Big Wood River. The camp pursued a 260 acre site there – the Camas County location the camp will set up shop at is 172 acres.


"The Talk" with your kids doesn't have to be awkward and embarrassing. Idaho Matters talks with a doctor holding workshops that teach puberty, hygiene and sexuality in a direct, honest and comfortable manner.


Idaho Matters talks with Heather Brown of Delta Dental of Idaho about Oral Cancer Awareness Month.


Less than 15% of Idahoans have honest end-of-life discussions with their physicians, according to a survey conducted by the Center for the Study of Aging at Boise State University. Idaho Matters discusses the importance of these conversations with Kim Martz, associate professor in Boise State's School of Nursing.

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April is National Child Abuse Prevention Month and we discuss detecting, preventing and reporting child abuse with Molly Kaczmareck of St. Luke's Children at Risk Evaluation Services (CARES) and Taryn Yates of the Idaho Children's Trust Fund.

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Governor Little recently signed into law a bill allowing for the establishment of needle exchange programs in Idaho. These programs have demonstrated success in reducing the rate of hepatitis and HIV transmission as well as connecting caregivers with intravenous drug users. Idaho Matters discusses the implementation of such programs with Aimee Shipman, Section Manager for HIV, STD and Hepatitis with the Idaho Department of Health and Welfare and Dr. Zachary Weiss, a resident physician with Family Medicine Residency of Idaho.

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Following the death of an elderly couple who were struck by a car while crossing the street in Boise, efforts are underway in the city to raise awareness about pedestrian safety.

In 1961, President Kennedy declared the third week of March National Poison Prevention Week. On Friday's Idaho Matters, we talk about what not to put in your mouth and what to do once you have with St. Luke's pediatrician, Dr. Seth Branahl and Jean Hammack with the Idaho Poison Control Call Center in Nebraska.

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March is Colon Cancer Awareness Month and Idaho Matters looks at prevention, screening and treatment. We talk about prevention, detection and treatment with St. Luke's colon/rectal surgeon, Dr. Benjamin Karsten and we talk about colon cancer education with Vicky Jekich, director of community outreach for the Mountain States Tumor Institute and Nora Hall, a teacher with the Boise School District.

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As Treefort attendees go from venue to venue, watching band after band, it is important to know that three straight days of loud, live music can be detrimental to your hearing. Idaho Matters talks about protecting your ears with Idaho Elks Hearing and Balance Center audiologist Dr. Kate Savage.

Robert Wood Johnson Foundation

The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation is out with a report examining health in the Gem State. It ranks Idaho’s 44 counties on a variety of factors centering on wellness. Ada, Blaine and Latah Counties are the three overall healthiest. The Treasure Valley’s Canyon County comes in at seventeen.

According to the report, the rankings are intended to help local governments understand what things effect healthy residents and how long people will live.

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Legislation that would limit Medicaid expansion by requiring some recipients to work and others to keep private insurance was introduced Monday.

Republican Rep. John Vander Woude of Nampa introduced the bill in the Idaho House Health and Welfare Committee on Monday. A hearing on the measure is expected Wednesday.


Addiction treatment agencies in Idaho are working together to share resources to help battle the opioid addiction epidemic. We speak with Norma Jaeger, executive director of the statewide Recovery Idaho about these efforts.


We (try) to sleep about a third of our lives and this week is National Sleep Awareness Week. On Thursday's Idaho Matters, we look at how we can improve the quality of our slumbers with Dr. William Thompson, medical director of the Sleep Medicine Institute.


Osteoporosis is caused by a drastic decrease in bone density. Idaho Matters looks at this disease with Dr. James Loveless from St. Luke's Osteoporosis and Bone Health Program.

Hemophilia used to plague the royal families of Europe who practiced inbreeding to "secure" family bloodlines. People still suffer from the blood disorder (not because of inbreeding) and Idaho Matters looks at the causes and cures with Barbara Fawcett, executive director of the Idaho chapter of the National Hemophilia Foundation.


Idaho Matters talks with Optum Idaho Medical Director Dr. Ron Larsen about the connections between sound mental health and physical fitness.

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Congenital heart defects result in improper cardiac development during gestation. On Tuesday's Idaho Matters, we talk about spotting the symptoms and treating the diagnosis of heart defects with St. Luke's pediatric cardiologist, Dr. Michael Womack.

muuv yoga boise

There are more than 20 yoga studios in Boise and Idaho Matters looks at the growth of this 5,000 year old practice with MUUV Yoga Boise instructor, Mikayla Latta.

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Officials in Gooding County are looking to upgrade the quality of medical service its residents get. That improvement also necessitates a new facility.


Yoga 4 Good has a basic philosophy: do good, feel good, yoga for good. Every year the group organizes a yoga event to benefit various causes in the Treasure Valley. We speak with one of the founders about physical wellness, mental wellness and community wellness through yoga.

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The Treasure Valley's first pediatric urgent care facility will soon open in Meridian. Idaho Matters looks at the growing market for specialized urgent health care.

As a measles outbreak continues in Washington, Idaho is coping with flu season. The illness shut down entire school districts in the eastern part of the state earlier this month.

National Women's Law Center

Southwest District Health is partnering with Lifeways to open a crisis center in Caldwell. Both organizations provide a variety of healthcare-related services, but this would provide emergency intervention for mental health and substance abuse crises.