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Summer means ice cream and the Idaho Foodbank has a way to indulge your sweet tooth AND help folks in need. In the winter, the Foodbank's Empty Bowls event puts hot soup in a handmade bowl to raise money. The Third Annual Summer Empty Bowls fills those bowls with ice cream for a donation as the Foodbank tries to meet its goal of 25,000 meals for Idahoans this summer.

St. Luke's is partnering with the Hunger Coalition to alleviate instances of food poverty in the Wood River Valley. Idaho Matters talks with Erin Pfaeffle, director of community engagement with St. Luke's and Jeanne Liston, executive director of the Hunger Coalition about these efforts. 

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Idaho postal workers will be carrying more than mail Saturday as they collect items for the 27th Stamp Out Hunger Food Drive. 

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People tend to think about the hungry during the holiday season, when organizations participate in canned food drives. In the Wood River valley, though, they want to change people’s perceptions about when to think about the hungry and how to think about their food.

Karen Day

Idaho filmmaker Karen Day has a new documentary, featuring college students making a difference in the world. 

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As of January, more than 231,000 people in Idaho were on food stamps, now known as the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program or SNAP.  The average Idaho recipient receives about $128 per month.  For many, that’s not enough, and they rely on food pantries and family members for help.  The Idaho Foodbank has a program designed to teach nutrition and food budgeting to those on limited incomes.

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In Idaho, 17 percent of people don’t have access to enough food for an active, healthy life.  That’s according to the hunger relief charity Feeding America.  The Idaho Foodbank tries to help by partnering with food pantries around the state.  But when there’s no pantry available, residents are left unserved.  That's where the Foodbank's mobile service comes in. 

Summer Food Programs For Boise Kids Under Way

Jun 5, 2012
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Idaho Food Bank trucks are once again in Boise parks providing lunches for low-income children. Last summer the food bank says it served nearly 60,000 lunches in its Picnic in the Park program. The lunch trucks will be in 20 locations through mid-August.