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A group of southern Idaho farmers filed a class-action antitrust complaint in March against some of the biggest seed and fertilizer companies in the world. 



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Industries across the world are being disrupted by the coronavirus pandemic. In the U.S., one sector facing significant uncertainty is agriculture. In Idaho, family farms have had to adapt to a constantly changing set of dynamics, creating challenges and opportunites in the local food system. 

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When it comes to keeping Idaho's agriculture sector strong during the pandemic, Latino workers have been essential. Without them, there would be significant disruption in Idaho's food production industry: crops would go unharvested, food would expire and never reach stores.

But while Idaho's food system relies on these workers, are there systems in place to keep these workers safe and healthy?

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Students across Idaho are now doing school at home. But many are having to balance school work with their agricultural jobs to make money for their families

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After months of negotiations, the House Democrats threw their support behind a new trade deal to replace NAFTA. The United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement (USMCA) is largely seen as a success for the Trump Administration.

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Since 2002, Idaho Preferred has been helping people find and use local food and agriculture products. The state department of agriculture program promotes vegetables, fruits, beer, meats, spirits and nursery plants grown in Idaho. As the fall harvest season is upon us, learn more about the growth of the program.

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Tuesday, the Northwest Climate Conference will be held in Boise. Kate Gordon is an analyst at the Paulson Institute and will speak about how climate change affects economic growth, including its impacts in Idaho.

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We all know Idaho’s connection to potato chips and fries. But what about that peppermint gum you keep in your car?

Idaho Matters: Tuesday May 1st, 2018

Apr 30, 2018

On the Tuesday May 1, 2018 edition of Idaho Matters:

-- Atlanta-based developers the Greenstone Group are hoping to build a multi-purpose sports stadium in South Boise to host minor league baseball games and other athletic events. The project has the support of the Boise Metro Chamber of Commerce and some other high-caliber boosters.  

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Take a drive west on Highway 19 towards Wilder and you’ll start to see rows of poles more than a dozen feet tall, piercing the southwest Idaho sky.

It’s here that farmers grow one of the most critical components of beer: hops.

Idaho Celebrates National Farmers Market Week

Aug 4, 2017
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Idaho will mark National Farmers Market Week August 6 through 12. Local Idaho farmers hope the event will draw the public's attention to the importance of knowing where your food comes from.