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When the Idaho Foodbank opened its doors in 1984, the mission was clear: solve hunger in Idaho.

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When the Idaho Foodbank opened its doors in 1984, its mission was simple: solve hunger in Idaho. As the organization enters its 35th year, that mission has expanded to feed, educate and advocate for Idahoans experiencing food insecurity. This time of year, they help to fill the holiday tables of families across the state. They're able to do this with their annual Empty Bowls fundraiser, which is coming up this Friday in downtown Boise.

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For students who rely on free and reduced lunch, summertime can mean hunger. But, Idaho Foodbank’s Picnic in the Park program means free lunch for needy students continues, even though school’s out.


The Idaho Foodbank

June was Dairy Month at the Idaho Foodbank. Albertson’s helped raise money for milk; Girl Scouts provided the cookies … but the largest donation was a brand new refrigerated truck from Dairy West to add to their fleet of 10 others.


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Summer means ice cream and the Idaho Foodbank has a way to indulge your sweet tooth AND help folks in need. In the winter, the Foodbank's Empty Bowls event puts hot soup in a handmade bowl to raise money. The Third Annual Summer Empty Bowls fills those bowls with ice cream for a donation as the Foodbank tries to meet its goal of 25,000 meals for Idahoans this summer. 

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City Of Boise Announces ‘Boise Kind’ Initiative

Dec 19, 2018
Mayor David Bieter speaking at the press conference at the Idaho Foodbank
Brooklyn Riepma / Boise State Public Radio

At a press conference on Tuesday, Boise Mayor David Bieter announced a community-wide initiative with a goal to promote and maintain the city’s values and kindness.

The holidays are a time for gathering around food. For many in the Treasure Valley, the source of their next meal is a mystery. We talk with the Idaho Foodbank about alleviating some of that insecurity around the holidays.

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 A northern Idaho food bank is hungry for donations after it saw fewer donations over the holiday season.

Lewiston's Community Action Partnership Food Bank hasn't calculated totals for 2016, but Director Connie Granbois said donations were down a bit through December, The Lewiston Tribune reported.

Food bank warehouse manager Steve Small said food drives that traditionally bring in many donations either weren't as successful as expected or didn't happen.

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Local musicians and their lyrical Christmas creations brought more than good cheer to Idaho last year.
In December, we told you about a special musical collection aimed at raising money for The Idaho Foodbank. Now, we know  just how much the album raised.

The fourth IdaHo Ho Ho Christmas CD raised enough cash to pay for 23,465 meals for those in need.

For the fourth-straight year Idaho musicians and local coffee chain Moxie Java have teamed up to release a holiday album to raise cash for The Idaho Foodbank.

The aptly-named IdaHo Ho Ho CD features local artists including Curtis Stigers, Ned Evett, and Belinda Bowler.

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The U.S. Senate passed a $955 billion Farm Bill Monday.  It covers everything from crop insurance to conservation, to commodity programs. 

But by far the largest part of the bill is for food stamps known as the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program or SNAP.  States receive $760 billion for  those in need.  Right now, Idaho gets $29 million a month from the federal government for SNAP benefits.

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As of January, more than 231,000 people in Idaho were on food stamps, now known as the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program or SNAP.  The average Idaho recipient receives about $128 per month.  For many, that’s not enough, and they rely on food pantries and family members for help.  The Idaho Foodbank has a program designed to teach nutrition and food budgeting to those on limited incomes.

In January, 231,647 people in Idaho were on food stamps.  The Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, or SNAP, helps low-income families.  But in Idaho, 17 percent of people are food insecure.  The hunger relief charity Feeding America says they don’t have access to enough food for an active, healthy life. 

Click on a county to find out how many people are on food stamps, and how many are food insecure.

Samantha Wright / Boise State Public Radio

In Idaho, 17 percent of people don’t have access to enough food for an active, healthy life.  That’s according to the hunger relief charity Feeding America.  The Idaho Foodbank tries to help by partnering with food pantries around the state.  But when there’s no pantry available, residents are left unserved.  That's where the Foodbank's mobile service comes in.