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The region's volcanoes represent the northeastern portion of the Pacific's "Ring of Fire" and 12 million years ago, Idaho saw much more volcanic activity than it does today. The latest installment of Wanna Know Idaho imagines a Gem State covered in lava-spewing volcanoes.


About 200 students left classes in the Treasure Valley on Friday to gather at the state capitol to bring attention to climate change. Idaho Matters speaks with organizers Elise Malterre and Liam Neupert about this global demonstration.

Brooklyn Riepma / Boise State Public Radio

Liam Neupert is a junior at One Stone school in Boise and helped to coordinate the Idaho Youth Climate Strike Friday morning. For several weeks now, he’s been at the statehouse every Friday, missing school to protest climate change inaction.


Skye Borgman

Netflix debuted a documentary in February that detailed the terror and exploitation one man brought on a Pocatello family more than forty years ago. Abducted in Plain Sight tells the story of the Brobergs and how a family friend manipulated them to sexually assault and kidnap their daughter. Idaho Matters talks with Jan Broberg about her experience and Skye Borgman, director of the film.


The Fundsy charity auction has raised more than $8 million for Treasure Valley organizations and we talk with Carolyn Holly and Meredith Stead about how the non-profit is helping other non-profits.

Efforts are underway to weaken the ability to bring voter initiatives to ballot and on Wednesday's Idaho Matters, we talk with Luke Mayville and Tracy Olson of Reclaim Idaho.

meridian library district

Meridian is growing and so are the demands on the city's library services. Meridian voters will have the opportunity to vote on a levy that would expand the municipality's library. On Wednesday's Idaho Matters, we discuss this growth with Meridian library director Gretchen Caserotti.


Michael Ames's book "American Cipher" tells the story of Bowe Bergdahl, the U.S. Army private who spent five years as a captive of the Taliban to later be released in a controversial prisoner swap. Many have called Bergdahl a deserter; others have pointed to mental health issues. Ames joins Idaho Matters to share insight into the life of this Idaho native.

Mick Thompson / Flickr

As residents of Nampa deal with thousands of crows turning the town into a scene from a Hitchcock film, a preserve in eastern Idaho is seeing avian visitors of a nobler sort.

With their graceful profiles and snow white feathers, thousands of trumpeter swans have taken up residence at the Deer Parks Wildlife Mitigation Unit.

Heath Druzin / Boise State Public Radio

The Guns & America series looks at the popularity of the AR-15 semi-automatic rifle. The firearm's name and design are licensed to numerous manufacturers and can be customized with a plethora of attachments, making it one of the top-selling rifles in America. Heath Druzin, Boise State Public Radio's Guns & America reporter, joins Idaho Matters to parse out the popularity of this gun.

Ada County

Ada County is out with its year-in-review report for 2018. Highlights include county-wide growth and some departments seeing record-setting revenue.

Matt Guilhem / Boise State Public Radio

If you live in Stanley, Idaho, it’s going to take you an extra couple of hours to drive to the Treasure Valley. That’s because an 11-mile stretch of road between Lowman and Stanley is still covered in snow.


Katherine Jones/Idaho Statesman

Cheeky Boutique founder Jessi Roberts joins Idaho Matters to talk about her book, Backroads Boss Lady.


Outdoor enthusiasts and loggers often make strange bedfellows but both are feeling the impacts of restricted access to public lands by private landowners. Legislation was in play to stop this practice by landowners like the Wilks Brothers of Texas, but state lawmakers killed the bill on Monday. Idaho Statesman reporter Nicole Blanchard joins Idaho Matters to talk about efforts in the statehouse to maintain access to public lands.

Animal advocates in the Wood River Valley are anticipating the opening of a new adoption and education center. We talk with Jo-Anne Dixon, executive director and medical director of Mountain Humane in Hailey.