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Latah County Historical Society

The Idaho Public Television series Idaho Experience is debuting an episode chronicling Psychiana, a bizarre Depression-era cult that recruited people through mail order ads placed in magazines. We speak with IPTV's Bill Manny about this strange chapter in Idaho history.

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It may soon be illegal to use e-cigarettes or vaping devices in many public places in Boise.


This segment originally aired on February 26, 2019.

The Real ID Act of 2005 was a post-9/11 attempt to normalize government-issued ID standards across the country. Beginning in 2020, Idahoans will need a Star Card to board flights and enter federal buildings. Idaho Matters talks about the new ID standards with the state's DMV.


This segment originally aired on February 19, 2019.

The days of card catalogues and mimeograph machines are over. Your public library probably looks more like an R&D lab these days. We look at the library programs preparing people for the 21st century with Boise Library director Kevin Booe.

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A Boise city park and a foothills reserve may be getting new names.


This segment originally aired on February 27, 2019.

Tammy de Weerd announced she would not seek a fifth term as Meridian's mayor. De Weerd joins Idaho Matters to talk about skippering the bedroom community through unprecedented growth.


This segment originally aired on February 13, 2019.

Nampa officials have been battling an infestation of crows for years. The birds have overwhelmed the community with their noise and waste and the city has been scrambling to find a humane way of dispatching of them. Mountain West News Bureau correspondent Amanda Peacher joins Idaho Matters to discuss some of the solutions they have found.


This segment originally aired on March 4, 2019.

Animal advocates in the Wood River Valley are anticipating the opening of a new adoption and education center. Idaho Matters talks with Jo-Anne Dixon, executive director and medical director of Mountain Humane in Hailey.

ENCORE: St. Luke's Physician Trains Medics In Myanmar

Apr 10, 2019

 This segment originally aired on February 19, 2019.


Once a year, Dr. Charles Washington puts together a team and travels to Myanmar to train emergency medics in trauma treatment. Idaho Matters talks with the St. Luke's emergency physician about educating first responders around the world.


 This segment originally aired on March 16, 2019.


Cheeky Boutique founder Jessi Roberts joins Idaho Matters to talk about her book, Backroads Boss Lady.

City of Boise

The City of Boise is ready for a new library but many in the community are concerned with the funding mechanisms needed to build one. Idaho Matters looks at the latest developments in the efforts to update the main branch of the Boise Library with Kevin Booe, director of the Boise Library and Beverly Harad, president of the Boise Library Foundation.

Wing Luke Asian Museum, the Hatate Collection / The National Archives / Bamboo and BArbed Wire-Facebook

Bamboo and Barbed Wire documents the stories of Japanese-Americans interned at the Minidoka War Relocation Center in Jerome County, Idaho and looks at parallels to current evetns. The film is premiering at The Egyptian Theatre and Idaho Matters talks with the film's director, Karen Day, and Katie Hirai, president of the Boise Valley Japanese American Citizens League and granddaughter of Katherine Chizuru Hirai, a Minidoka internee.

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The woman formerly known as Rachel Dolezal reached an agreement with authorities after being charged with welfare fraud.


The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints announced on Thursday it is reversing a controversial 2015 policy that labeled church members in same sex marriages as "apostates" and barred children of same sex couples from receiving blessings and baptisms. The church's president, Dallin Oaks, reiterated that the church still considers same sex marriages within the church "a serious transgression." On Friday's Idaho Matters, we speak with Sunny Smart, an inactive member of the LDS Church and an advocate with Affirmation, a nonprofit support group for LGBTQ/SSA Mormons and their families.

Alex Rhodes/TEDxBoise

TEDxBoise celebrates its fifth year of sharing ideas and innovation and this year's TEDx event will be held on April 20. Idaho Matters talks with TEDx coach Nancy Buffington and 2019 speaker Gurtej Sandhu.

Sandpoint Resident Shares Story Of Marrying At 13

Apr 2, 2019

Reporter Samantha Wohlfeil shares the story of Angel McGehee of Northern Idaho in the most recent edition of The Inlander. McGehee was married at 13 and she joins Idaho Matters with Wohlfeil on Tuesday to share her story.


Boise residents gathered last week to remember Florence and Bob Goar, who both died after being hit by a car while crossing a downtown street in February. Two days after the vigil, three Boise High students were hit while walking to school. We speak with Cynthia Gibson, executive director of the Idaho Walk Bike Alliance, and Don Kostelec, a planner with Vitruvian Planning and a pedestrian advocate.

Idaho Power Sets Goal Of 100% Clean Energy By 2045

Mar 28, 2019
Idaho Power

Idaho Power announced a pledge Tuesday to provide customers 100 percent clean energy by the year 2045. The company that serves over half-a-million customers calls the effort “Clean Today, Cleaner Tomorrow.” Nearly 50 percent of the electricity the company currently generates comes from hydro power. About a fifth comes from coal. Adam Richins, Idaho Power's Vice President of Customer Operations and Business Development, joins Idaho Matters to talk about shifting paradigms in the state's energy generation.


The Boise Airport announced plans for a dramatic expansion program on Wednesday. Idaho Matters discusses new parking garages, new rental car lots and a new concourse with Rebecca Hupp, director of the Boise Airport.

Boise Airport Braces For Big Expansion

Mar 27, 2019

People flying through the Boise Airport can expect to see some big changes to the facility in the coming years. The five-year project to upgrade the facility could get underway as soon as this fall. of Congress

Author and Idaho historian Randy Stapilus has no trouble talking smack about others, assuming they are great big jerks. He is giving a presentation in Moscow on Saturday entitled "Speaking Ill of the Dead: Jerks in Idaho History" and Stapilus joins Idaho Matters to talk about Idaho's biggest "jerks" and what makes their legacy less than rosy.

boise co-op

The Boise Co-op hired its first-ever CEO earlier this month. Michelle Andersen will oversee a staff of more than 200 and she joins Idaho Matters to talk about the future of this Treasure Valley institution.

idaho national laboratory

In addition to being one of the nation's leading nuclear research facilities, Idaho National Laboratory has emerged as the tip of the spear for national and global cyber security. On Monday's Idaho Matters, we talk with the cyber security division's director, Scott Cramer, about the cyber threats faced by Americans today and how we are being protected online.

islamic center of boise/facebook

Leaders from the Treasure Valley's Muslim and Christian communities met last week for a "peace-feast" where they looked to bring together Idahoans of different faiths. Idaho Matters talks with Phillip Thompson of the Islamic Center of Boise and Nick and Laura Armstrong of the Cole Community Church's Glocal Community Partners about improving community relations, encouraging tolerance and celebrating differences.


The region's volcanoes represent the northeastern portion of the Pacific's "Ring of Fire" and 12 million years ago, Idaho saw much more volcanic activity than it does today. The latest installment of Wanna Know Idaho imagines a Gem State covered in lava-spewing volcanoes.