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Authorities in Owyhee County are cleaning up what’s being called an industrial accident at a waste processing site near Grand View that left one man dead and three others injured. It's not yet known what caused the blast.

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It’s just three days until Thanksgiving and you may be getting ready to sit down with a loved one that you don’t get to talk to very often.

Storycorps is hoping you will see that as an opportunity to record an interview and create a bit of oral history in America.

Camel's Back Park North End Trail Entrance
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The Ridge to Rivers partnership released a shiny new map of Boise area trails last week. The new map is currently in beta testing while they collect feedback on what features people use the most.

Camp Rainbow Gold

After a decade of searching, Camp Rainbow Gold is close to buying a permanent property to host weekend trips and summer programs for children with cancer.

Preserving The Memory Of Idaho's WWI Heros

Nov 12, 2018
Photo courtesy Brassey Family Collection

More than 100 Idahoans served with the 20th Forestry Regiment during World War I. They were tasked with infrastructural projects and supplies. The granddaughter of Willis Brassey, one of those Idahoans, has curated a record of the service of the Idahoans of the 20th.

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A recently released study finds Idaho is one of the worst states for driving in bad weather. Snow, not rain, is the problem.

It’s still technically fall, but with dustings of snow already falling in some parts of the state, winter is definitely coming. A report from Safewise – a website that reviews and compares safety products – finds Idaho is one of the most dangerous places to drive in snow.

Downtown Boise To Test Curbside Pick-Up And Drop-Off Zone

Oct 31, 2018
Downtown Boise
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Because of the increasing congestion downtown Boise faces on weekends, the city has decided to launch a pilot program with the goal of increasing safety for people getting in and out of cars.



Boise State Public Radio

Earlier this month, we held a Mayor’s Forum on growth in the Treasure Valley. The Idaho Statesman’s Sven Berg and Idaho Matters host Gemma Gaudette hosted five local mayors to talk about the growing issues facing their cities.

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A committee of Twin Falls residents recommends major upgrades to their jail and courthouse to fight overcrowding and prepare for future growth in the area.

Boise State Public Radio

Boise State Public Radio and HuffPost teamed up to present a conversation about Proposition 2 on Oct. 11, 2018. The event was part of HuffPost's 'Listen to America' tour.

Darin Oswald / Idaho Statesman

Boise State Public Radio News and the Idaho Statesman co-hosted a panel discussion with five Treasure Valley mayors on Oct. 3, 2018. The mayors discussed their vision for their cities as the region experiences explosive growth; in the last 18 years, the combined population in Canyon and Ada Counties has gone up by 61 percent.

Happy Day Brands creates chocolate bars, superfood mixes, coffees and teas. The company's mission isn't financial driven so much as an effort to elevate social awareness. Idaho Matters talks with the company's founder about connecting businesses with their communities.

Scooter Sharing Invades Boise

Oct 23, 2018

Scooters are everywhere in downtown Boise. Meridian gave scooter sharing a shot and shelved it until the spring. Idaho Matters looks at this new transit phenomenon with representatives of Treasure Valley municipalities.

Make Boise Better

The Make Boise Better survey seeks to bridge the divides between members of the community and public administration. Survey creator Cameron Crow seeks to use an "affordable, sophisticated research platform" to engage the majority of the population that feels detatched from serious community engagement. Crow joins Idaho Matters to describe the survey and how its results could be applied to affect change.

Local Gay Bar To Become Boise Police Station

Oct 18, 2018
Lucky Dog, Lucky Dog Tavern, gay bar
John Sowell / Idaho Statesman

Boise City Council has signed off on turning one of the city’s few gay bars into a new police substation.



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Special Olympics Idaho recently broke ground on a new 'Training For Life' facility that would provide state-of-the-art amenities for the Gem State's most special athletes. The construction is being undertaken by participants of Nampa's Community Reentry Center, providing occupational training for people transitioning from incarceration to freedom. We look at both sides of this story with Laurie La Follette of Special Olympics Idaho and Rachael Masaitis of IDOC's Nampa CRC.

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Boise Planning and Zoning Commissioners voted four to two at a meeting on Monday against a proposed trucking terminal on Eisenman Road. 

City Of Boise

Boise will join nearly 60 cities on Monday, October 8, to celebrate Indigenous Peoples' Day. The observance will acknowledge the presence and contributions of Native American, Indigenous, and First Nations people of Boise. We'll speak with an Idahoan who successfully lobbied Mayor David Bieter to replace Columbus Day with this long-awaited observance.

One of the biggest decisions Idahoans will make in the upcoming Nov. 6 election is whether or not to expand Medicaid. Boise State Public Radio News has been following the initiative over the last several months. The ballot initiative has also garnered national attention, including from the journalists at HuffPost. Please join HuffPost and Boise State Public Radio for this conversation about health care in Idaho. 

The Idaho Humane Society Talks About Animal Hoarding

Sep 27, 2018
Idaho Humane Society

Animal hoarding is a complex and layered issue. Now a case in Boise is bringing the issue to light. Idaho Matters talks to Dr. Jeff Rosenthal with the Idaho Humane Society about the issue and about the Society's new building.

Idaho Town Braces For Avian Invasion

Sep 20, 2018
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The city of Nampa is bracing for what’s become something of an avian invasion. Thousands of crows will soon visit the Treasure Valley city and bring a mess of feathers and droppings. Nampa is trying to get ahead of the influx by building a volunteer corps.


The Ottoman Empire was responsible for the genocide of about 1.5 million Armenians between 1914 and 1923. Because the tragedy often slips under the radar of history books, many Armenian-Americans are committed to memorializing the event, lest it become forgotten in time. We talk with two men behind the dedication of a memorial in Boise to the Armenian Genocide.


Proposition 1 – the measure to again legalize so-called “historical horse racing” in Idaho is getting attention this week. Opponents and advocates are speaking up about the ballot initiative voters will decide on in November.

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The Idaho Second Amendment Alliance is holding a large rally this weekend in downtown Boise. The firearms group is looking to hold one of the biggest gatherings in support of gun rights in state history.

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