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As an outpouring of mourning continues for nine members of an Idaho Falls family killed in a Saturday plane crash, federal investigators are trying to figure out what caused the accident


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Mother and daughter duo Karen Hendricks and Karisa Baker place small pickups on the branches of a flocked tree. They’ve been decorating trees together for about 17 years.


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  • BYU-Idaho Medicaid kerfuffle.
  • Thanksgiving pie from a popular bakery.
  • Women in entrepreneurship. 
  • T-Rex exhibit. 

  • The Friday Reporter Roundtable.
  • Holiday movie preview. 

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Removing fallen trees and burning debris along the river banks may seem like a humdrum part of river maintenance, but Steve Stuebner with Boise River Flood Control District #10 said this yearly upkeep is a key factor in preventing disaster. 

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Earlier this fall, San Francisco International Airport banned the sale of plastic water bottles. SFO is instead stocking its shelves with alternatives: bottles made of aluminum, glass or compostable material.



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  • Boise Mayoral Conversations: Adriel Martinez.
  • Email dust-up in Mayor Bieter's campaign.
  • CBD oil and the law.  
  • Opioids and dental care.

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This weekend, Boise police say a pickup truck collided with two passengers on a scooter, leaving one dead and one injured.


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  • Boise Mayoral Conversations: Wayne Richey.
  • Apprenticeships for refugees.
  • Student Veterans of America in Idaho.

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The gloves are off in the race to become Boise's next mayor. Our panel of reporters dig into the latest on the upcoming November 5 election, as well as a cellphone ban that's gone into effect in Meridian. Plus, could proposed Medicaid waivers affect family planning services in Idaho? Catch up on all the news you might have missed this week with the Idaho Matters Reporter Roundtable. 


The Ada County Highway District Commission voted on the evening of Wednesday Oct. 23 to approve the 11th Street Bikeway Project in Boise.


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Idaho currently bans the use of texting and driving, but Meridian’s City Council decision extends the restrictions for devices.

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An Ada County Commissioner, a CEO and a former superintendent will walk into a bar next week — no, this isn’t a setup for a cheesy bar joke. It’s a setup for a discussion about serious issues.

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This week the Reporter Roundtable talks about the upcoming mayoral races in Boise and Meridian, fighter jet altitude limits, farmers and the trade war and more. Listen to reporters Bill Manny with Idaho Public Television, Scott McIntosh with the Idaho Statesman and Madelyn Beck with the Mountain West News Bureau recap the biggest headlines of the week on Idaho Matters.

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A proposed crackdown on Airbnbs and other short-term rentals by Boise Mayor Dave Bieter would regulate how property owners can rent out their spaces. He hopes any new rules will create more affordable long-term rentals.


But some Boise realtors are pushing back.


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Boise State University, like most college campuses, has programs to keep students, faculty and staff safe. Boise State partners with the app Rave Guardian, which connects users to help when they need it. 

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The frustration that comes with sitting at a red light in an empty intersection is familiar to everyone on the road. But Idaho law allows bikers to treat red lights as stop signs. They can proceed through the intersection once it’s safe.



17,000 children in Idaho live in communities of concentrated poverty. Despite the growing economy, the percentage of kids in these areas has not gone down.

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On this week's Reporter Roundtable, we discuss the controversy surrounding President Trump's call to Ukraine's leader and the response from Idaho's congressional delegation, Micron's intellectual property suits and the opioid crisis in Idaho. Journalists Melissa Davlin of Idaho Public Television, Mike Sharp of KIVI and Madelyn Beck of the Mountain West News Bureau keep the conversation flowing.

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Demand for improvements and expansions to the Treasure Valley’s transportation system have been growing as the population continues to climb. Although the Treasure Valley bus system has seen growth over the past few years, residents are still looking for improvements.

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Consumer spending is strong and unemployment is low, but some say some financial forces could signal a cooling of the economy.

President Trump's education department stops in Idaho, Boise delivers its state of the city address, and all day kindergarten. Our panel of Kevin Richert of Idaho Ed News, Nicole Foy of the Idaho Statesman, and Scott McIntosh of the Idaho Statesman bring you these stories and more on this week's Reporter Roundtable.

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Parking in Boise can be a headache for drivers headed downtown for a morning stroll at the market or an evening out. But what if instead of competing with other drivers, trees and benches were taking up those spots?

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  • A sports reporter talks Bronco Football. 
  • Wheelchair rugby rolls its way to Boise.
  • Infant oral health.

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For years, the Boise area has become known for its winding 25-mile pedestrian and bicycle path, but the Greenbelt was once just a vision of a city council member.