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BOISE, ID. – For some in the military, September 11th was their motivation to enlist.  That was the case for some of the soldiers who make up the 116th Cavalry Brigade of the Idaho National Guard.  Scott Ki met up with them at Joint Base Lewis-McChord near Tacoma, Washington, where they shared their memories of 9/11.

Specialist Shawn Ryan of Boise was seventeen years old on September 11th, 2001.

The Idaho Supreme Court has refused to play the Redistricting Game. The Court today threw out two lawsuits and said it has no authority to order Idaho’s Redistricting Commission back to work. The lawsuits came from the Secretary of State and the Republicans on the Commission. That’s after the Commission failed to redraw Idaho’s Legislative and Congressional maps during their 90 day session. The Supreme Court says it only has jurisdiction to rule on the old Redistricting plan from 2002.

Boise Neighborhood Summit

Sep 9, 2011


Saturday, Garden City (Doubletree Riverside hotel) plays host to a city of Boise event. It is the Treasure Valley Neighborhood Summit, sponsored by the program Boise Celebrates Good Neighbors and the Idaho Crime Prevention Association. Boise has put on similar gatherings for neighborhood associations in the past but they’ve focused solely on crime prevention. Saturday’s event is a daylong conference dedicated to the broader notion of strengthening neighborhoods. Lynn Lockhart is excited about the event. Lockhart is the president of Boise’s Morris Hill neighborhood association.

BOISE, Id – Idaho soldiers with the 116th Cavalry Brigade Combat Team have spent the last nine months in Iraq.  Now they’re flying back in small groups. They first arrive at Joint Base Lewis-McChord near Tacoma, Washington.  There the soldiers go through what’s known as “out-processing” for about ten days.  They get a health check, turn in their weapons, and figure out legal and personnel issues.   Scott Ki is at Lewis McChord today to talk to the soldiers who are coming home.  I asked him what a typical day on the base was like.

Cougar Killed In Boise

Sep 8, 2011


A mountain lion was killed in Boise early Thursday morning. And Ada County sheriff’s deputy shot the animal on the grounds of St. Alphonsus Medical Center on Curtis Road. The cougar was a juvenile and weighed about 80 pounds. Steve Nadeau with Idaho’s department of Fish and Game says mountain lions sometimes come into Boise in late summer when streams and pools in the hills dry up.

Salt Fire Causes Mandatory Evacuations

Sep 7, 2011

BOISE, ID. – People are being evacuated southwest of Salmon.  That’s because the Salt Fire has grown.  The Lemhi County Sheriff’s Office and the National Forest Service ordered a mandatory evacuation Tuesday. 

The Salt blaze has charred more than fifteen thousand acres.  The fire threatens several buildings in the forest according to Madonna Lengerich of the Bureau of Land Management. 

BOISE, Id – The bi-partisan group tasked with re-tooling Idaho’s congressional and legislative lines, couldn’t wrap up business by Tuesday’s deadline.  The Commission’s failure kicks the whole redistricting process up to the justices sitting on the bench of the Idaho Supreme Court. Today the Secretary of State asked the Court to bring the commission back for up to sixty days. Meanwhile Republican commissioners asked the justices to adopt the GOP maps or reconvene the commission for three days.

Idaho Grants Mega Load Permits to Exxon

Sep 7, 2011


Boise Idaho – About two hundred mega loads could roll down Idaho’s scenic highway 12. The state’s Department of Transportation granted permits to Imperial Oil/Exxon Mobile Wednesday. Adam Cotterell reports.


The price of copper is pushing $4.05 per pound.  The price of brass has been up since May.  With prices of metals on the rise, scrap metals have become more popular to steal and sell back to recyclers.


The price of aluminum is up these days, and that’s the case for most other valuable metals… gold, silver, copper.  That also means theft of valuable metal is on the rise even here in Idaho.   I wanted to find out how much extra money I could make with a bag full of aluminum cans.  So, I took them to the Pacific Steel and Recycling center in Boise.

Emergency Loans for Unemployed Homeowners

Sep 6, 2011

BOISE, ID. – The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development awarded $13 million to help Idahoans at risk of home foreclosure.  The deadline to apply for these emergency loans ends soon.

Idahoans who are unemployed or underemployed, and are three months overdue on their home mortgage have a place to turn to.  It’s called the Idaho Housing and Finance Association.  Heather Bowman works for the non-profit.

A Townsite Called Mayfield

Sep 6, 2011

BOISE, ID. – Next month public hearings get underway for one of two major developments near Mountain Home. Homeowners are concerned about both but especially over what’s called the Mayfield Townsite. It’s a development that would put some fourteen thousand homes in the middle of open space.   

Scott Ki:  “I’m on a bluff overlooking the Mayfield Townsite. It’s just a few miles off Interstate 84 and as far as the eye can see, it’s just grass, rolling foothills, weeds, a few trees near the Indian Creek.” 

Immunization Exemption Rates Climb in Idaho

Sep 6, 2011


The number of Idaho children not receiving immunizations has climbed steadily for several years. That’s according to Idaho’s Department of Health and Welfare. Idaho requires children be vaccinated against more than twenty diseases before they enter school. But parents can exempt their children.

Tom Shanahan  “Idaho’s exemption rate is about 3.8% of children, but it’s growing and it keeps going up a small number every year.”


BOISE, Id – A movie that airs tonight in the Treasure Valley chronicles the story of a Florida college professor diagnosed with lymphoma.  John Kaplan was diagnosed with two forms of cancer in 2008.  He began the long journey into cancer treatment carrying a camera, which he used to document his experience.


BOISE, Id –The Idaho Redistricting Commission did not meet the 5 o’clock deadline this afternoon to draw a Legislative and Congressional map.  Today is the three month deadline for the bi-partisan commission.  Throughout the day, Commissioners switched between anger and compromise.  Republican Lou Esposito, was repeatedly frustrated when he looked at several contested districts.

Lou Esposito “The only way to describe this is just an abomination for political advantage.  I don’t know how else to even characterize this.”

No New Maps

Sep 6, 2011


BOISE, Id – The Idaho Redistricting Commission couldn’t meet its Tuesday afternoon deadline.  Despite three months of negotiations, Commissioners called it quits and walked out of the Statehouse without an agreement.

Cougar Town

Sep 6, 2011


Boise Idaho – Over the weekend a mountain lion was reported in Boise. There have been similar reports in Kuna in recent weeks. As Adam Cotterell reports cities can be attractive places for mountain lions

Steve Nadeau attributes most cougar sightings in Boise to the power of suggestion.

Steve Nadeau “Other people will all of a sudden think that what they’re seeing are cougars when in fact they might be housecats or something.”

Balloons Over Boise

Sep 2, 2011


The Spirit of Boise Balloon Classic is back over the skies of Boise this weekend. It started as part of Boise’s River Festival and when that disappeared the balloon classic remained. Scott and Laurie Spencer run balloon company Lighter than Air America and organize the event. Laurie Spencer says there are a lot of balloonists who live in Boise because the mild weather means you can fly year round.

Laurie Spencer “At one point in time you could go down to Lady Bird Park and we’d have our own mini rally and there’d be ten balloons launching on the weekend.”

Wildfires Burn in Idaho National Forest

Sep 1, 2011

BOISE, ID. – Three major wildfires are burning in the Salmon-Challis National Forest. 

Kathleen Brown of Salmon spent Sunday night at the town’s Shakespeare in the Park.  She saw much more than Much Ado About Nothing.

Kathleen Brown:  “Ash was falling from the smoke cloud and they were perfect little pine needles.  And when you touched them, the ash disintegrated.”

Memorial for Fallen Idaho Soldier

Aug 31, 2011

BOISE, ID. – Army officers at Fort Bragg in North Carolina held a private memorial for Idaho soldier Devin Daniels today.  He and another soldier were killed by a roadside bomb in Afghanistan. 

Colonel Tim Marsano of the Idaho National Guard is acting as the family’s spokesman.  He says, “Here in Idaho when a soldier is killed in action overseas the Idaho National Guard is often called on to notify the family, provide that initial notification, and then follow up with casualty assistance.”  Marsano adds the Guard helped the family with travel and logistics. 


BOISE, Id – The Walter Reed Army Medical Center closed its doors at a flag-lowering ceremony over the weekend.  The 102-year-old Washington D-C facility will be folded into other medical centers as part of a consolidation effort. Tens of thousands of wounded military men and women have passed through Walter Reed.  Samantha Wright talks to one Idaho Marine who spent time there.


When you first meet Josh Callihan you wouldn’t know that ten years ago he was severely injured in the line of duty.


BOISE, ID. – Idaho’s Congressional Delegation gathered at the Statehouse today to honor dozens of young Idahoans.  

Idaho’s Congressional delegation awarded medals to sixty-eight Idahoans from ages fourteen to twenty-three.  U.S. Senator Mike Crapo explains the award’s significance. 

Mike Crapo:  “They are able to develop their own proposals in key areas of community development, and personal development, and the like.  And if they meet their own targets, and they work with a counselor, then they’re able to win an award.” 

BOISE, ID. – The American Red Cross has sent three volunteers from Idaho to help in the aftermath of Hurricane Irene.  They flew to North Carolina Tuesday.  Jodie Andrew manages Emergency Services for the Idaho Chapter. 

Jodie Andrew:  “One of them has gone out in a position called staff relations, so it’s basically HR for the volunteers that are on the operation.  And then we have two volunteers that have gone out as shelter service associates so they’re going to be helping out in the actual shelters that clients are staying in.”