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BOISE, Id –The Idaho Redistricting Commission did not meet the 5 o’clock deadline this afternoon to draw a Legislative and Congressional map.  Today is the three month deadline for the bi-partisan commission.  Throughout the day, Commissioners switched between anger and compromise.  Republican Lou Esposito, was repeatedly frustrated when he looked at several contested districts.

Lou Esposito “The only way to describe this is just an abomination for political advantage.  I don’t know how else to even characterize this.”

No New Maps

Sep 6, 2011


BOISE, Id – The Idaho Redistricting Commission couldn’t meet its Tuesday afternoon deadline.  Despite three months of negotiations, Commissioners called it quits and walked out of the Statehouse without an agreement.

Cougar Town

Sep 6, 2011


Boise Idaho – Over the weekend a mountain lion was reported in Boise. There have been similar reports in Kuna in recent weeks. As Adam Cotterell reports cities can be attractive places for mountain lions

Steve Nadeau attributes most cougar sightings in Boise to the power of suggestion.

Steve Nadeau “Other people will all of a sudden think that what they’re seeing are cougars when in fact they might be housecats or something.”

Balloons Over Boise

Sep 2, 2011


The Spirit of Boise Balloon Classic is back over the skies of Boise this weekend. It started as part of Boise’s River Festival and when that disappeared the balloon classic remained. Scott and Laurie Spencer run balloon company Lighter than Air America and organize the event. Laurie Spencer says there are a lot of balloonists who live in Boise because the mild weather means you can fly year round.

Laurie Spencer “At one point in time you could go down to Lady Bird Park and we’d have our own mini rally and there’d be ten balloons launching on the weekend.”

Wildfires Burn in Idaho National Forest

Sep 1, 2011

BOISE, ID. – Three major wildfires are burning in the Salmon-Challis National Forest. 

Kathleen Brown of Salmon spent Sunday night at the town’s Shakespeare in the Park.  She saw much more than Much Ado About Nothing.

Kathleen Brown:  “Ash was falling from the smoke cloud and they were perfect little pine needles.  And when you touched them, the ash disintegrated.”

Memorial for Fallen Idaho Soldier

Aug 31, 2011

BOISE, ID. – Army officers at Fort Bragg in North Carolina held a private memorial for Idaho soldier Devin Daniels today.  He and another soldier were killed by a roadside bomb in Afghanistan. 

Colonel Tim Marsano of the Idaho National Guard is acting as the family’s spokesman.  He says, “Here in Idaho when a soldier is killed in action overseas the Idaho National Guard is often called on to notify the family, provide that initial notification, and then follow up with casualty assistance.”  Marsano adds the Guard helped the family with travel and logistics. 


BOISE, Id – The Walter Reed Army Medical Center closed its doors at a flag-lowering ceremony over the weekend.  The 102-year-old Washington D-C facility will be folded into other medical centers as part of a consolidation effort. Tens of thousands of wounded military men and women have passed through Walter Reed.  Samantha Wright talks to one Idaho Marine who spent time there.


When you first meet Josh Callihan you wouldn’t know that ten years ago he was severely injured in the line of duty.


BOISE, ID. – Idaho’s Congressional Delegation gathered at the Statehouse today to honor dozens of young Idahoans.  

Idaho’s Congressional delegation awarded medals to sixty-eight Idahoans from ages fourteen to twenty-three.  U.S. Senator Mike Crapo explains the award’s significance. 

Mike Crapo:  “They are able to develop their own proposals in key areas of community development, and personal development, and the like.  And if they meet their own targets, and they work with a counselor, then they’re able to win an award.” 

BOISE, ID. – The American Red Cross has sent three volunteers from Idaho to help in the aftermath of Hurricane Irene.  They flew to North Carolina Tuesday.  Jodie Andrew manages Emergency Services for the Idaho Chapter. 

Jodie Andrew:  “One of them has gone out in a position called staff relations, so it’s basically HR for the volunteers that are on the operation.  And then we have two volunteers that have gone out as shelter service associates so they’re going to be helping out in the actual shelters that clients are staying in.”

Even Teachers Get Nervous

Aug 30, 2011

Tuesday is the first day of school in Meridian, the state’s largest school district. Classes started in Boise last week. Going back to school is a big day for students and for teachers… Adam Cotterell asked teachers at Central Canyon Elementary in Caldwell and Collister Elementary in Boise what they think about on the first day of school.

What Collister Wants For Its Birthday

Aug 30, 2011

The Idaho school year begins on the heels of two years of funding cuts. That’s prompted many schools to get creative when it comes to finding cash for say… the operating budget. Adam Cotterell takes us to one school that’s trying to get the money to build a new playground by entering a national contest.


Aug 30, 2011


Boise ID – Idaho’s wolf hunting season started Tuesday. So far the state has sold more than eight thousand wolf tags. Adam Cotterell reports on how wolf hunting might impact Idaho’s economy.

Ken Smith has guided hunters in Idaho since the late 1960s.

Ken Smith “You know I’ve kind of seen it all.”

If At First You Don’t Succeed...

Aug 29, 2011

BOISE, ID. – The Salmon School District wants to replace its elementary and junior high buildings.  It’s asking voters Tuesday to approve a bond to finance a new school.    

Salmon’s Middle School is more than seventy years old. It’s showing its age.  District Superintendent Joey Foote says a new building would cost less than fixing the old one.

Joey Foote:  “Walking around the exterior where the foundation is in contact with the soil, you can see that it is literally crumbling.”

Idaho Prison Removes Sweat Lodge

Aug 26, 2011

BOISE, ID. – Idaho prison officials dismantled a sweat lodge Wednesday.   It was used mainly by Native Americans to worship. 

Prisoners have used the sweat lodge at the South Idaho Correctional Institution in Kuna for decades.  Deputy Chief of Prisons Jeff Zmuda says they are remodeling the outdoor area and removed the lodge for safety and security reasons. 

Jeff Zmuda:  “Concerned about some contraband that may have been out in that area.  And with the sweat lodge it was in a bit of disrepair.  It had some mold in it.”

INL Fire Consumes Thousands of Acres

Aug 26, 2011



On Wednesday, the Idaho Fish and Game Commission approved a seven day season for sage grouse. The season opens October 1st.

“Sage grouse hunting has been a tradition in Idaho for a long time,” says Don Kemner.  He’s the sage grouse program coordinator at the Department of Fish and Game. “However it has declined in the last 15 years as we
have become more conservative with seasons.”

West Nile Virus Found in Gem County Mosquitoes

Aug 25, 2011



Non-resident wolf tags have actually been selling at a discount since late last month. That’s when Commissions agreed to cut the price by 83%. But the cut in price was overshadowed by another decision not to set a quota and to allow hunters to use traps during this year’s season.

Sharon Kieffer is a deputy director with the Department of Fish and Game. She acknowledges tag sales were low earlier this summer, but the decision wasn’t meant to boost sales.

Education Associations V. State of Idaho

Aug 24, 2011

One of Idaho’s new education laws goes before a judge Thursday. That’s even as voters decide next fall whether to repeal the three laws that make up Students Come First.


BOISE, Id – Idaho is last in the nation when it comes to getting screened for breast cancer.  Emily Simnitt is with the Idaho Department of Health and Welfare.  Simnitt says more than 120-thousand Idaho women over forty have not had a mammogram in the last two years.  That’s a problem, because early detection can increase the chances of survival.

BOISE, ID. – Laid-off workers from Nampa’s XL Four Star Beef can get federal help to retrain.  The U.S. Labor Department has awarded up to two million dollars Monday to help.   

Bob Fick, a spokesman for Idaho’s Labor Department, says the money can be used for education, including language courses.   

Fick: Large majority of the workers at XL Four Star were not fluent in English.  Getting them fluent in English will be a major help in finding them new employment.

It’s All In How You Count It

Aug 23, 2011

An accounting watchdog group says Idaho does not have a balanced budget after all.

Record Numbers Go Back to School

Aug 22, 2011

Idaho colleges and universities start classes Monday. Students should show up early because  those classes are likely to be pretty full.


BOISE, Id – Last Monday, Idaho’s Redistricting Commission was at an impasse.  Members could not agree on a plan to redraw the state’s legislative boundaries.  As their September deadline looms, time is running out.  What happens if Commissioners fail?