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U.S. Fish & Wildlife

Earlier this month, Fish and Game opened up a public comment period for proposed changes to 2019 and 2020 big game hunting. One of the animals that could be affected by the changes are wolves. The new regulations would expand wolf trapping on private land and the season would start a month sooner.



GLSEN conducts a bi-annual survey of middle and high school students, asking about treatment of LGBTQ+ youth. The results of the 2017 survey have been compiled and they cast Idaho schools as being unwelcoming to LGBTQ+ students. We talk with GLSEN about conducting the survey and we talk with a recent graduate about his experience as a gay teen in a Boise-area school.

Young Meridian Women Break Ground By Joining Boy Scouts

Feb 20, 2019
Ethan Webber / Boise State Public Radio

BSA Troop 1-G in Meridian is one of Idaho's first all-woman Boy Scout troops. The scouts began admitting women on February 1 of this year. We meet the troop's scoutmaster and one of the state's first female boy scouts.


The days of card catalogues and mimeograph machines are over. Your public library probably looks more like an R&D lab these days. We look at the library programs preparing people for the 21st century with Boise Library director Kevin Booe.

St. Luke's

Once a year, Dr. Charles Washington puts together a team and travels to Myanmar to train emergency medics in trauma treatment. Idaho Matters talks with the St. Luke's emergency physician about educating first responders around the world.

Illuminate India

Illuminate India advocates for impoverished children in India by meeting medical and educational needs. One of their projects is Curry for a Cause - a night of delicious Indian food, Bollywood entertainment and auctions.

Idaho Roadkill Cuisine

Feb 14, 2019

In 2012, Idaho legalized the salvaging of roadkill. We talk with Fish and Game about the rules of roadkill and a roadkill connoisseur about how to prepare it.

Bio-Response Solutions

Cremation is becoming increasingly popular and an Idaho Falls funeral home has come up with a unique way to see your loved ones off. Idaho Matters speaks with Wood Funeral Home about a cremation package that breaks all the rules.


Nampa officials have been battling an infestation of crows for years. The birds have overwhelmed the community with their noise and waste and the city has been scrambling to find a humane way of dispatching of them. Mountain West News Bureau correspondent Amanda Peacher joins Idaho Matters to discuss some of the solutions they have found.

Girls on the Run facilitates empowerment among girls of all ages through community service and physical exercise. On Wednesday's Idaho Matters, we learn more about their activities in the Treasure Valley.

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Bogus Basin To Get More Snow As Winter Rounds Out

Feb 7, 2019
Bogus Basin, ski, ski lodge
James Dawson / Boise State Public Radio

Brad Wilson is Bogus Basin’s general manager. He says that before the storm cycle this past week, they had snowfall quite below average. They are now approaching snowfall at around 85 percent average and have a base depth of 57 inches.



Ada County Sheriff's Office

If you need a driver's license, there’s some good news from the Idaho Department of Transportation. After a rocky launch several months ago, new software for processing licenses is working well. Wait times at motor vehicle offices may be as short as five minutes, and employees are again working regular hours.

water, boise river
Scott Graf / Boise State Public Radio

We’ve made it over halfway through winter and snowpack at the Boise basin is at about 75 percent median, which is below normal. Normal would be around 100 percent. And while frigid winter storms go through the midwest, states like Idaho just aren’t getting as much.



Idaho State Police

It's the biggest Idaho drug traffic bust any state trooper can remember: a three-ton load of marijuana officers found on I-84.

Idaho Statesman

MacArthur "Mac" Eld started photographing historic Idaho highway markers in an effort to create meaningful holiday gifts for friends and family. Eight years later, Mac Eld has documented 269 of these signs, bringing attention to Idaho's history and the need to maintain these markers. Eld joins Idaho Matters in studio to talk about his project and what he learned about our history while out on the road.

Monica Gokey / Boise State Public Radio

Mining company Midas Gold withdrew its request for Valley County to sign its community agreement.

Idaho Nonprofits Come Together To Help Federal Employees

Jan 18, 2019 - Facebook

As the government shutdown continues, local nonprofits are coming together to provide a free meal to furloughed federal workers.

James Dawson / Boise State Public Radio

Idaho Matters discusses the horrific attack that took place in Boise Saturday evening. Host Gemma Gaudette is joined in studio by Boise Police Chief William Bones, City of Boise spokesperson Mike Journee, Boise State Public Radio reporter James Dawson, Idaho state senator Grant Burgoyne, International Rescue Committee development manager James Brownson and St. Luke's Hospice Bereavement Coordinator, Jeni Emerizy.

Erin Leach stands outside the home she shares with her sister in Caldwell.
Brooklyn Riepma / Boise State Public Radio

On a cold December evening, about 100 people gathered in downtown Boise to learn more about Add the Words. The group advocates on behalf of LGBTQ folks, and is focused on adding the words “sexual orientation” and “gender identity” to the Idaho Human Rights Act.

The Wassmuth Center

International outreach efforts by the Wassmuth Center for Human Rights have resulted in bicycle distribution in Cambodia, development of educational opportunities for young women in Mozambique and other initiatives from Latin America to the Balkans. Idaho Matters talks with the center's director about why it is important for Boiseans to connect with people around the world.

One of former Governor Butch Otter's legacies is the Governor's Cup, an annual tournament that includes golf and skeet shooting. It was established to raise funds for scholarships, but questions are being asked about the cost of the tournament and whether it serves as anything more than a political networking event. The Cup has provided educational funds for some 250 Idahoans, but at what cost?

On The Tuesday, January 8, 2019 Edition Of Idaho Matters

Jan 7, 2019

  • We break down Idaho Governor Brad Little’s State of the State speech.
  • Integrating Art into the classroom.
  • “Total Health” care at St. Luke’s.
  • How did America’s plan for eating right get it so wrong?

Gemma Gaudette sits down with Betsy Russell from the Idaho Press, Bill Manny with Idaho Public Television and Kevin Richert with Idaho Education News to discuss the big news of the day: Governor Otter leaving office, Governor-Elect Little taking office and why Idaho's tax revenues are falling short by millions of dollars.