Idaho Power

Idaho Governor Not Happy With Latest Gateway West Plan

Oct 25, 2012
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State officials are hopeful that the Bureau of Land Management will reconsider a proposal to build a high-power transmission line through the Birds of Prey Conservation Area. 

They want the line on public, rather than private, land.  Known as the Gateway West project, the joint proposal by Rocky Mountain Power and Idaho Power is worth $7 billion.

Idaho Power Spends $6 Million On Repairs

Oct 9, 2012
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Wildfires and wind storms kept Idaho Power’s repair crews busy this summer. More than 800 structures were in the path of fires, but only 45 poles were actually destroyed.

Spokesperson Lynette Berriochoa says that maintenance crews clear vegetation around the poles before fire season begins.

“So as a result, when those fires move through, some of the fires move right around those wood poles and they were spared," says Berriochoa.

But Idaho Power still has a big bill to pick up after this summer’s damage.

City of Twin Falls

Updated 3:00 PM Tuesday:  The city of Twin Falls is allowing commercial users, including restaurants, to turn their water on again.  But if water levels go too low, restrictions could go back into effect. 

The city is also working with five major industrial waters users to set an individual timeline for their operations to start again. These are mainly food processing and dairy companies. 

According to city spokesman Josh Palmer it might take until Thursday for the water system to return to normal.

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The average Idaho Power customer will pay at least $5.50 more a month starting this summer.   The state public utilities commission will likely go along with the company’s requests.