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The internment of Japanese Americans in Idaho during World War II is a dark part of our history that’s inspired art and social criticism. This Thursday and Sunday, the Idaho State Museum in Boise will screen a documentary, called “Bamboo and Barbed Wire,” on the Minidoka camp in South Central Idaho.


To celebrate 100 years since women got the vote, the Idaho State Museum in Boise is building a new exhibit focused on trailblazing women. They plan to open the exhibit in summer 2020, and are looking for artifacts from the community in the next several months. Idaho Matters talks to a museum official about how everyday Idahoans can contribute to this exhibit.



The Idaho State Museum closed for renovations in 2014. After a multi-million dollar investment, the museum is scheduled to open October 13 with exhibits highlighting the state's legacy and uniqueness, as well as new exhibits accentuating the heritage of Native Americans from the region. Executive Director Janet Gallimore joins Idaho Matters to talk about the upgrades and what visitors can expect to see.

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Four years after closing its doors for renovations, the Idaho State Museum will soon show off its new exhibition spaces.