idaho walk bike alliance

Idaho Walk Bike Alliance

"Filmed By Bike: The World's Best Bike Movies" is a Portland project making its way to Boise on Friday, January 17. Cynthia Gibson, the executive director of the Idaho Walk Bike Alliance and film creator Alyeen Crotty join Idaho Matters to talk about the history of the festival and why they’re making a stop in Boise. 

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In Idaho, cyclists are allowed to treat a red light like a stop sign. A rider must fully stop and then proceed only when safe to do so. In July a car struck a bicycle leaving the cyclist in the hospital, but last week an Idaho magistrate judge ruled against the cyclist. The cyclist must pay a $90 fine for causing the accident. Her attorney is appealing the ruling, saying the wrong law was applied. Idaho Matters talks to her attorney along with a Concordia Law professor about the laws at play here and how they apply to the road.


Boise residents gathered last week to remember Florence and Bob Goar, who both died after being hit by a car while crossing a downtown street in February. Two days after the vigil, three Boise High students were hit while walking to school. We speak with Cynthia Gibson, executive director of the Idaho Walk Bike Alliance, and Don Kostelec, a planner with Vitruvian Planning and a pedestrian advocate.

On The Tuesday, April 2, 2019 Edition Of Idaho Matters

Apr 1, 2019

  • Idaho resident discusses getting married at 13.
  • Boise survey finds Idahoans are ill prepared for end of life.
  • Boise Public Library sells books to buy books.
  • Recent pedestrian accidents and deaths have walk-space advocates concerned.


The Idaho Walk Bike Alliance is presenting a bicycle-themed film festival at The Egyptian Theatre on Friday. Idaho Matters speaks with the Alliance about the juxtaposition of film and bikes and we re-visit a filmmaker who documented a groundbreaking military experiment involving commandos on bikes.

  • Paradigm shifts in employment and education standards.
  • The future of energy in Boise.
  • The Cabin presents author Tayari Jones.
  • The world's best bike movies ride into Boise.

Boise's Bikeability

May 9, 2018

American cities are showcasing their bike-friendliness in efforts to attract new businesses and healthy workforces and Boise is doing everything to stay ahead of the trend. Cynthia Gibson, executive director of the Idaho Walk/Bike Alliance and Dave Fotsch, director of Boise Green Bike (and BSPR community advisory board member) discuss ways in which Boise is improving its bike-ability.