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The 9th Circuit Court of Appeals heard arguments from attorneys representing both the State of Idaho and state inmate Adree Edmo on May 16. The State of Idaho is appealing an earlier lower federal court ruling ordering the state to provide sex reassignment surgery for the transgender inmate. Mountain West News Bureau reporter Amanda Peacher joins Idaho Matters to discuss the latest iteration in this precedent-setting case.

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The 9th Circuit Court of Appeals heard oral arguments in San Francisco Thursday in the case of transgender inmate in Idaho Adree Edmo, who sued to get sex reassignment surgery. A lower court judge ruled in her favor, but the state of Idaho appealed that decision.

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Even as state lawmakers have tried to make it exponentially harder to get an initiative on the ballot, one man is suing in federal court to make it easier.

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Last summer, cities throughout Idaho and the nation saw people protesting the Trump administration's immigration policies. In April, Ryan Devereaux, reporting for The Intercept, wrote about a private cyber security company in Virginia gleaned data from social media about protests in more than 600 cities and gave the information to the Department of Homeland Security. This included data on gatherings in Boise, Pocatello, Idaho Falls and five other Idaho cities. 

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A Colorado company is fighting drug trafficking charges in Idaho after one of its drivers was caught transporting nearly 7,000 pounds of non-pyschoactive hemp. A petition is currently making the rounds to drop the charges against the shipping company and the driver of the truck. Idaho Matters looks into this case and efforts to absolve some of the players with Idaho State Representative Ilana Rubel (D-Boise) and Tracy Olson, a concerned citizen.


The Idaho Military Legal Alliance is a project of the Idaho Law Foundation providing free legal services to Gem State military personnel, veterans and their family members. Idaho Matters looks at the legal needs of our nation's service members with Matthew Wolfe and Alexis Baker of the Idaho Military Legal Alliance and Josh Bode, the veteran's justice outreach coordinator with the Boise VA.

Idaho Matters speaks with Boise Police Department sergent John Terry about how to spot scams targeting the region.

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The man at the center of a mass-stabbing in Boise last summer that claimed the life of a child and left eight others injured will remain committed to a secure mental health facility.


Adree Edmo is a 31-year-old transgender woman serving time in an IDOC men's facility for a 2012 sexual abuse of a child under 16. She has appealed to the state to provide gender confirmation surgery while she is incarcerated. The state challenged the request and in December, a U.S. District Court ruled IDOC must provide the surgery. Last month, that ruling was put on holdIdaho Matters speaks with Edmo's attorney, Deborah Ferguson and Mountain West News Bureau reporter Amanda Peacher about this case.

Boise City Hall City Of Trees
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The City of Boise’s petition to the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals to reassess its September decision on a controversial city ordinance was rejected.

Concordia law professor McKay Cunningham recently had a column published in the Idaho Falls Post Register question the current legislature's efforts to change the state's ballot initiative processes. Cunningham joins Idaho Matters on Monday to discuss his concerns.

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Idaho voters passed state Medicaid expansion as a ballot initiative. Republicans in the statehouse have responded by trying to change the terms that would bring voter initiatives to the polls. State representative Mat Erpelding (D-Boise) is calling SB 1159 the "Revenge on the Voters Act" and he joins Friday's Idaho Matters to explain why he feels this is an unconstitutional power grab.


Last week, District Judge Lynn Norton ruled the Idaho Department of Corrections withheld information regarding execution drugs, including purchase receipts and drug sources. Idaho Matters speaks with Aliza Cover, the University of Idaho law professor who requested the records and Molly Kafka, the ACLU attorney who represented her.

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President Trump issued an executive order that would withhold federal educational and research grants from colleges and universities that violate the First Amendment rights of their students. We look how this order may be enforced on the Boise State campus with university spokesperson Greg Hahn and Pryce Robinson of the Boise State College Republicans.


An environmental group is launching a campaign to defend the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals which has been a target for President Trump. The court hears some of the most important environmental and other cases in our region.

Utah’s Republican Gov. Gary Herbert’s request for the Trump administration to rollback restrictions on 4 million acres of national forest land in his state has environmentalists raising flags that it could spur a wave of states in the region to follow suit.

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A proposal at the statehouse that would have banned municipalities from instituting their own local bans on using cell phones while driving failed to get traction. The legislation’s defeat sets the stage for Pocatello’s prohibition on handheld devices going into effect.

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Harvard Business School professor David A. Moss will discuss the origins of the U.S. Constitution on Thursday at the capitol. Moss joins Idaho Matters to talk about James Madison, the Constitutional Convention of 1787 and their correlations to events today.

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As the legal wrangling over a 7,000-pound load of a green, leafy substance seized by Idaho State Police continues, the company behind the cargo says new proceedings vindicate it.

Idaho Court Reporters Association

Court reporters are in short supply in Idaho and the dwindling numbers are causing backlogs in the courts. Appeals have been made to the legislature. We talk with the state's court administrative director and the Idaho Court Reporters Association about the role of the court reporter and what this shortage could mean for the state's justice sysytem.

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A nearly 7,000-pound load of a green, leafy substance the Idaho State Police intercepted last month at a checkpoint near Boise is staying put in the Gem State. That’s despite a court filing by the company claiming the plants are industrial hemp.

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Four teenagers are accused of raping an 18-year-old in Kuna earlier this month. Judge Robert Comstock has set bail at $250,000 for the three Boise men. A juvenile boy is also accused of the same crime.

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Child health advocates are again attempting to pass legislation that would remove religious exemptions from children's healthcare. Protect Idaho Kids founder Bruce Wingate and Immanuel Lutheran Church Pastor Gretchen Bingea join Idaho Matters to talk about religion, children's healthcare and the Idaho Legislature.

Boise Police Department / City Of Boise

The Boise Police Department is out with a report offering residents of the City of Trees a snapshot of the agency.

Calls for service are up, but crime is down and response times have improved. The 2018 Report to Citizens from Boise PD outlines trends like those and details where the department is focusing its efforts.

Idaho allows children under 16 to marry with a parental waiver and many fear this could cause the state to become a destination for human trafficking. State Representative Melissa Wintrow (D-Boise) would like to see an end to marriages to girls under 18.