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The 9th Circuit Court rules that Adree Edmo needs gender confirmation surgery. This decision could have a ripple effect for other transgender inmates. But it's not over yet.


Jul 30, 2019

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Amanda Peacher / Boise State Public Radio

Is denying Adree Edmo her sex reassignment surgery cruel and unusual punishment? We look at both sides of the case and how public opinion is muddying the water.

James Dawson / Boise State Public Radio

How complicated is sex reassignment surgery, how easy is it to find a doctor who can do it and health insurance that will pay for it? And who should pay for it in prison?

Heath Druzin / Boise State Public Radio

Life in prison can be rough for anyone, but for trans women in an all-male facility it can be really rough. What's it like to live in the wrong body behind bars?

Black and Pink / Facebook

Who is the trans inmate suing the state of Idaho for sex reassignment surgery? We visit the Shoshone-Bannock Indian reservation where Adree Edmo grew up to understand her complicated and dark backstory.