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Lauren Necochea is the newest Idaho lawmaker, appointed by Gov. Brad Little in December to replace former Minority Leader Mat Erpelding's seat in Boise's 19th District. Previously, she was the Director of the Idaho Center for Fiscal Policy. Necochea joins Idaho Matters to discuss her transition from policy to electoral politics. 

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Democrats from one Boise legislative district have submitted three names to Gov. Brad Little, who will soon appoint the replacement of Idaho’s outgoing House minority leader.

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The Idaho House will have a new leader in the 2020 legislative session. Mat Erpelding resigned from his position as House Minority Leader and his District 19 seat in Boise last week, and has taken a new role as a lobbyist for the Boise Chamber of Commerce. Idaho Matters talks with the former Democratic lawmaker about his decision to leave electoral politics seven years after taking his District 19 seat in Boise. 

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Idaho House Minority Leader Mat Erpelding announced he’s leaving his post to move to the private sector. His departure leaves open two positions: one for his seat and one for the leadership position.


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After Republicans blasted Boise State University’s diversity programs this past summer, state lawmakers from both parties squared off in a debate Tuesday night on the issue.

Santee Firefighters Association

Starting Monday, Idaho’s first responders will be able to draw more easily workers’ compensation for job-related, post-traumatic stress.

“I’m driving through the parking lot going, ‘Man, if I see any cars I know, I’m not going,’ and then you park a couple blocks out, you do the army crawl, hide behind bushes and get in there,” said Boise Fire Captain Rob Christensen, remembering the first time he went to a counselor.

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Governor Little announced the formation of an education task force earlier this month. The purpose is to create a series of recommendations that would allow Little and the 2020 Legislature to develop an efficient budget and policy plan for the state's schools. On Tuesday's Idaho Matters, we talk with task force member Representative Mat Erpelding about the mission of the task force and the educational improvements they hope to make.

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Idaho voters passed state Medicaid expansion as a ballot initiative. Republicans in the statehouse have responded by trying to change the terms that would bring voter initiatives to the polls. State representative Mat Erpelding (D-Boise) is calling SB 1159 the "Revenge on the Voters Act" and he joins Friday's Idaho Matters to explain why he feels this is an unconstitutional power grab.

On The Friday, March 29, 2019 Edition Of Idaho Matters

Mar 28, 2019

  • Our team of regional reporters breaks down the week's headlines.
  • Rep. Mat Erpelding calls SB 1159 "The Revenge on Voters Act."
  • First Fridays begin in April in the Surel Mitchell LWC District.


If an Idahoan finds they have been underpaid by their employer, they have a six-month window within which to file a complaint. State representative Mat Erpelding would like to extend that window to a year.

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Boise Fire Chief Dennis Doan and Idaho State Rep. Mat Erpelding (D-Boise) are concerned about the post-traumatic stress that first responders deal with.


Idaho And NAFTA

May 1, 2018

President Trump insists the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) is a terrible deal for American workers, but one-quarter of Idaho’s exports went to Canada and Mexico from 2002 to 2016 and the state's agricultural community is very concerned about what a withdrawal from NAFTA could mean for their bottom line.

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Leaders on both sides of the aisle at the Idaho statehouse agree on this: The issue of sexual harassment needs to be dealt with head-on this session.

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Idaho Democrats are demanding the state cut ties to a program intended to stamp out voter fraud.

Idaho Reps Oppose Trump Restrictions On Cuban Trade

Jun 16, 2017
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Friday, President Trump announced a rollback of some Obama-era policy initiatives between the United States and Cuba. Two Idaho State Representatives oppose the move.

Idaho Representatives Mat Erpelding and Luke Malek released a statement condemning the potential implications of further restrictions with Cuba.  

In the statement, they said the move would be “a missed opportunity for the country and a substantive blow to potentially lucrative markets here in Idaho.”


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Zebra mussels are knocking at Idaho’s door.

Montana, Utah and Nevada all have the invasive species, which attach to boats and can spread easily from different bodies of water. They can kill native lake species and cost millions of dollars in damage and mitigation. They first appeared in the Great Lakes after Eastern European boats introduced them in the 1980s.


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Monday was a busy day at the Statehouse.

Idaho Democratic Leader Responds To Immigration Bill

Jan 31, 2017
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Monday Idaho House Rep. Greg Chaney (R-Caldwell) introduced a bill opposing the adoption of sanctuary cities. Although Idaho has no sanctuary cities in place, the lawmaker says his proposal would ensure that no state funding would ever be given to cities and counties that refuse to enforce federal immigration laws.
House Minority leader Mat Erpelding (D-Boise) blasted the bill.

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In his Monday State of the State address, Governor C.L. "Butch" Otter says he’s hopeful President-elect Donald Trump will give Idaho more leeway when it comes to public land management. He says he recently gave Trump’s transition team advice about sage grouse protection and removing federal protections for grizzlies.