• Boise Mayor David Bieter brings us up to date with the state of the city.
  • Safe Sleep Awareness Month brings attention to Sudden Infant Death Syndrome.
  • Architect Moshe Safdie discusses library design with Boise State Public Radio's Matt Guilhem.

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The Boise community gathered outside city hall Monday in a show of unity and defiance against violence. Mayor David Bieter spoke to those gathered, thanking Boiseians for their support and urging all to stand up to hatred and violence. Mayor Bieter joined Gemma Gaudette in studio to talk about the healing process facing the community.

  • Boise Mayor David Bieter discusses Saturday's violent attack.
  • Plans for a new Boise Public Library unveiled.
  • Downtown nightlife after midnight. | Illinois Review | stock | ADAM COTTERELL / BOISE STATE PUBLIC RADIO

  • Idahoans rally to collect signatures for horse racing machines.
  • Garden City's mayor weighs in on growth.
  • Idaho has one of the lowest rates of colon cancer screenings.
  • The Boise Bicycle Project wants to see every Boiseian on a bike


In 1990, the Boise exburb of Nampa had a small-town population of about 25,000 residents. Ten years later, it had doubled. Today there are more than 81,000 Nampans and the community is growing as housing prices in Boise are driving homebuyers into Canyon County. Nampa Mayor Debbie Kling joins Idaho Matters to talk about the growth in her community.

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Catching up the backlog of sexual assault kits . . . Nampa mayor Debbie Kling talks about her growing community . . . Boisians embrace positive body imaging . . . letting kids play in the wild


While most municipalities in the Treasure Valley have been experiencing explosive growth, business in Caldwell's downtown corridor has been sluggish. City officials are hoping to turn that trend around with the opening of Indian Creek Plaza, an events center that would host concerts, farmer's markets and other events.

Idaho Reporters' Roundtable . . . Twin Falls Mayor Shawn Barigar . . . Star Wars in American Culture

Boise Mayor Dave Bieter joined Idaho Matters to talk about the explosive population growth in the Treasure Valley, responsible and sustainable development and what the future looks like for the City of Trees.

Dave Bieter
Dave Bieter's Facebook Page / City of Boise

Boise Mayor Dave Bieter was in the nation’s capital for several days last week at the winter meeting of the U.S. Conference of Mayors. The gathering allows civic leaders from across the country to share ideas and learn from other cities.

Fate, Not Voters, Pick New Mayor For Tiny Idaho Town

Nov 11, 2014
Albion, Mayor
Ed Glazar / Times-News

The tiny town of Albion, Idaho made national headlines a year ago when its mayoral election ended in a tie and the outcome was then decided by a coin toss. Now, a year after winning that coin toss and keeping his seat as Albion’s mayor, Don Bowden has stepped down because of health problems.

Watch: Small Town Idaho Mayor Keeps His Job By Coin Toss

Nov 15, 2013
Albion, Mayor
Ed Glazar / Times-News

Don Bowden will remain the mayor of tiny Albion, Idaho after winning a tie-breaking coin toss. Bowden and his challenger, John Davis, each received 60 votes in the Nov. 5 election. Fewer than 300 people live in Albion.

Incumbent Bowden won the right to call the coin, and he picked tails.

Video courtesy of KMVT-TV

Idaho quarter, coin toss
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John Davis says he is not a gambler. In all his 73 years he doesn’t recall having won anything from a coin toss.

“I think I won a bottle of after shave lotion at the carnival one time, throwing horse shoes or something,” Davis says.

Election Sign
Glenn Mosely

Election day in Idaho saw a few shakeups for some incumbent mayors. That was the case in Ketchum, where mayor Randy Hall lost to challenger Nina Jonas.  

The same thing happened in Nampa where voters had four mayoral candidates to pick from. They elected Bob Henry as Nampa’s new mayor over incumbent Tom Dale.

Meanwhile, Moscow’s mayor Nancy Chaney is out of a job as voters selected challenger Bill Lambert as the town’s new mayor. That race was dominated by concerns over economic growth in the city that is home to the University of Idaho.  

Dave Bieter
Dave Bieter's Facebook Page / City of Boise

Boise's mayor said Wednesday the city needs to invest in its infrastructure as a means of improving quality of life, and in turn, economic development.