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The COVID-19 pandemic has forced the nation to figure out something it's tried to do for years: increase access to telehealth.

That’s true across the nation and in rural Western states like Idaho. 

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Organizers with the group Reclaim Idaho had to abandon their ballot initiative to increase education funding as the coronavirus began to spread in Idaho. But they're not done organizing. 

Nearly 40 hospitals in the Mountain West are being penalized for having high rates of infections, patient injuries or other complications from hospital stays. That’s according to data released last week from the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services.

Brigham Young University-Idaho, the state’s largest private university, no longer counts Medicaid as an acceptable form of health insurance for full-time students who are required to have coverage while enrolled.


Idaho lawmakers met Friday to review funding options for Medicaid. With one federal application having been rejected, will the revised October 2019 submission make the cut? Boise State Public Radio's James Dawson joins Idaho Matters to analyze the future of Medicaid expansion.

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As Idaho lawmakers continue to debate how the state should pay for its voter-approved Medicaid expansion, hundreds of studies have shown many benefits to the program.

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According to a new analysis, proposed changes to the federal poverty line could mean big changes for low income people in the Mountain West.

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It’s not over yet. The Idaho Legislature still hasn’t wrapped up for the year.

Thursday, the Idaho House voted to add work requirements back into the Medicaid Expansion bill, which has been worked and re-worked several times. That issue and two bills to make getting a citizen initiative on the ballot harder have slowed the legislature down considerably this year.

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St. Luke's President and CEO, Dr. David Pate, joins Idaho Matters to talk about the impact Medicaid expansion could have on community health and the healthcare industry.


Medicaid expansion in Idaho passed by a voter initiative in November. Advocates are calling for its implementation while opponents are holding it up in the courts and the statehouse. We'll get the latest on the effort to close the health insurance gap in the Gem State.

On The Tuesday, February 5, 2019 Edition Of Idaho Matters

Feb 4, 2019

  • The fight for Medicaid expansion in Idaho continues.
  • St. Al's and Team UpCycle Boise bring attention to cycling and heart health.
  • A Washington measles outbreak has Idahoans concerned about unvaccinated kids.
  • A multi-genre art piece de-mystifies menstruation.

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Medicaid expansion, a new Governor, prison overcrowding and the budget. Those are just some of the topics we take on during our 2019 Idaho Legislative Preview. Host Gemma Gaudette talks with Dr. Jasper LiCalzi, professor at the College of Idaho and Jaclyn Kettler from Boise State University about the upcoming session.

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The chairman of the Idaho Senate Health and Welfare Committee says he opposes adding work requirements under the state’s new Medicaid expansion.

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Governor-elect Brad Little doubled down on including some extra restrictions to Idaho’s impending Medicaid expansion.

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The number of uninsured children across the country has increased for the first time in more than a decade.

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After years of inaction by the Idaho legislature on the state's healthcare gap, three people traveled throughout the state on a hunch that residents were just as fed up as they were.

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This City Club of Boise Forum was recorded on Tuesday, October 23 and features panelists:

Luke Mayville - Reclaim Idaho

Fred Birnbaum - Idaho Freedom Foundation

Lauren Necochea - Idaho Fiscal Policy Center

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We preview an upcoming panel discussion about Proposition 2 - Idaho's Medicaid expansion proposal. The conversation will take place Thursday, October 11 at 6 p.m. at the Yanke Family Research Building and will include Panelists will include state Rep. Christy Perry, the co-chair of Idahoans for Healthcare; House Majority Caucus Chairman John Vander Woude; community member Donna Scranton; and HuffPost senior reporter Jonathan Cohn. The discussion will be moderated by James Dawson of Boise State Public Radio and is part of Huffpost's 'Listen to America' RV tour.

On The Thursday, October 11, 2018 Edition Of Idaho Matters

Oct 11, 2018

  • Democratic gubernatorial candidate Paulette Jordan discusses Idaho's top political race
  • Boise Startup Week connects tech entrepreneurs with capital investors
  • Special Olympics Idaho building a new events center with a unique construction crew
  • Boise State Public Radio addresses Medicaid expansion with the HuffPost

One of the biggest decisions Idahoans will make in the upcoming Nov. 6 election is whether or not to expand Medicaid. Boise State Public Radio News has been following the initiative over the last several months. The ballot initiative has also garnered national attention, including from the journalists at HuffPost. Please join HuffPost and Boise State Public Radio for this conversation about health care in Idaho. 

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In November, Idaho voters will head to the polls to decide on whether or not Medicaid coverage should be expanded to include some 51,000 people who currently don’t qualify. Despite his party opposing the proposition, Republican gubernatorial candidate Brad Little says he’ll enforce the will of the people.

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If you’re poor and you get really sick in Idaho, your health care options might be really different than say, if you live in Colorado or Montana.


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The so-called Medicaid Express bus is on a two-week tour of Idaho to promote a “Yes” vote on an initiative to expand Medicaid in the Gem State. 

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Earlier this year, more than 60,000 Idahoans signed a petition to put Medicaid expansion on the November ballot. Now the group Reclaim Idaho wants to convince a majority of voters to support the expansion.

Should Idaho Expand Medicaid Coverage?

May 2, 2018

Reclaim Idaho has been collecting signatures for months in an effort to get Idaho to expand its Medicaid coverage. The petition to place expansion on the November ballot as a voter initiative was submitted yesterday with the requisite 60,000 signatures.