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Idaho drivers may have noticed new billboards with images of young brides next to the words "Don't marry me off.” Tess Goodwin tells us about the Idaho high schooler behind these signs.


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In March, Governor Brad Little signed into law legislation setting 16 as the minimum age a person can get married in the state of Idaho.

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Idaho may soon increase the minimum age that a person can get married in our state.


In January, Idaho Rep. Melissa Wintrow (D-Boise) introduced a bill that would have allowed more sexual assault survivors in Idaho to get protection orders against their assailants. But that bill is dead after lobbying from the National Rifle Association.



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Last week, the federal government rejected a request from the state of Idaho to allow folks who are eligible for Medicaid expansion to instead stay on the state's health insurance exchange. The effort to get the waiver approved was led by Republican lawmakers. We talk with advocates for Medicaid expansion, including a Democratic lawmaker, who say the feds were right to reject the waiver. 

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A bill that establishes a minimum age for marriage in Idaho passed out of a House committee with overwhelming support.

While making her presentation to the committee Thursday, Boise Democrat Melissa Wintrow pointed out a glaring issue with Idaho law.

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A proposal to require all rape kits to be tested in Idaho is one step closer to becoming law.


Idaho has been aggressive in keeping up with sexual assault evidence testing and storage. Idaho Matters looks at efforts to preserve this evidence in rural communities.

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Idaho is one of just five states that doesn’t have an official residence for the governor. In lieu of a house, the state pays the executive a housing stipend. This week, lawmakers voted to pay Brad Little, the incoming Republican governor, more for accommodations.

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Tuesday, the Idaho House rejected a bill that would have barred people convicted of misdemeanor domestic violence from owning guns for two years. Similar laws have been passed in 28 states, including the Republican dominated Utah Legislature.

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Last year, Idaho became the first state to track sexual assault investigation kits – making sure the kits are tested and processed according to state law. The Idaho State Police released the 2017 report to the state legislature last Friday.

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State Rep. Melissa Wintrow, D-Boise, sponsored successful legislation the last two years to change how police in Idaho handle, process and store what are known as "rape kits." The kits are used by investigators to preserve evidence of a sexual assault.