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Idaho State Legislature

The ethics investigation of Idaho Sen. Monty Pearce (R- New Plymouth) entered its third day Wednesday.  He's accused of not disclosing his oil and gas leases before voting on nearly two dozen bills dealing with that industry.  Democrats drilled down on one bill Tuesday that Pearce voted on.   

Scott Ki / BSPR

The ethics investigation of Sen. Monty Pearce (R-New Plymouth) began Monday.  Pearce is accused of a potential conflict of interest over his personal oil and gas holdings.

Idaho State Legislature

BOISE, ID – Senate President Pro Tem Brent Hill agreed with Idaho Democrats to convene an ethics panel on Republican Senator Monty Pearce.  The panel will likely convene Friday.  The lawmaker from New Plymouth disclosed his oil and gas interests Wednesday despite nearly two dozen prior votes on such issues.

Here’s how this all started:

Sen. Monty Pearce:  "Prior to debate, I’d like to simply state that I could have a possible conflict of interest. I’ve had oil and gas leases on my lands since the early ‘80s."

BOISE, ID – Idaho lawmakers signed off Wednesday on a plan that limits local control of oil and natural gas development.  But even supporters  say this legislation isn’t perfect.

Idaho Senators debated for nearly an hour on the powers of the state Oil and Gas Conservation Commission.  Under this bill, the agency has final say on where to drill for wells and how to develop the industry.  Democratic Senator Diane Bilyeu from Pocatello hoped to allow local governments to call public hearings on future developments.