One Stone

Frankie Barnhill / Boise State Public Radio

A new documentary looks at One Stone, a student-led high school in Boise. The progressive school was founded in 2008 and is pushing the boundaries of student-empowered learning. The film was created by Jon Long, who has produced and directed films for PBS and National Geographic. 

One Stone Allows Students To Take The Lead

Mar 28, 2019
One Stone

The One Stone school was founded in 2008 with the idea that students thrive when empowered to set their own destinies. Part of this model includes allowing the students to have a hand in policymaking and management. We talk with One Stone's director, Chad Carlson, about what makes it a different educational experience.

On The Thursday, March 28, 2019 Edition Of Idaho Matters

Mar 27, 2019

  • Idaho Power announces ambitious clean energy goals.
  • One Stone lets the students run the school.
  • 'Fishing Through the Apocalypse' predicts the future of freshwater fish.
  • Salsa Idaho brings a spicy flair to Boise ballrooms.

Students Speak Out Against Climate Change Inactivity

Mar 18, 2019

About 200 students left classes in the Treasure Valley on Friday to gather at the state capitol to bring attention to climate change. Idaho Matters speaks with organizers Elise Malterre and Liam Neupert about this global demonstration.

Today’s teenagers will soon inherit all of the worlds’ big problems. So why not enlist their help in solving them? That’s the idea behind the 24 Hour Think Challenge sponsored by the J.A. And Kathryn Albertson Foundation and the student leadership organization One Stone.