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The coronavirus has, at times, stretched public health resources in Idaho. It has required retired doctors, school nurses and even college students to help out with the pandemic’s response.


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In the next few weeks, tons of Idaho seniors will be cheered on online, at car parades, even on the big screen at drive-in movie theaters. These are just some of the creative ways schools are honoring the class of 2020 at a distance.


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New data made available this week on the state's coronavirus website shows what public health officials have noted all over the country: Racial and ethnic minorities make up an outsized portion of COVID-19 cases and deaths. 




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Ann Larson graduated from Boise State University with a chemistry degree in the ‘90s. Now, she’s a chemist in California and also volunteers remotely at an orphanage in Mwanza, Tanzania.


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Idahoans are getting sick from eating chopped romaine lettuce. The Idaho Department of Health and Welfare says E. coli infections are linked to lettuce from Yuma, Arizona.