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They're weird and they're hard to find. Boise State University's Physics Department hosts a talk about black holes Friday at 8 p.m. at the Education Building. Michigan State University Mark Peacock joins Idaho Matters to talk about the study of black holes. 

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Even though we have had clear skies this week, chances are you can't see the Milky Way at night because the glare from city lights washes out all but the brightest stars where most people live.

A smattering of Northwest cities and counties are taking action by passing new rules for outdoor lighting. It's not all about the stars. And some people take a dim view of light regulation.

Once you're aware of obnoxious lighting, you'll "know it when you see it," says David Ginther. He's the senior planner for the City of Tumwater, Wash.

Idaho's been trying to get a waiver from the federal education law called No Child Left Behind. In it, schools get a pass or fail designation based on standardized test scores. That's something Idaho wants to change and the state isn't waiting for the waiver. It's already created a new rating system. The first results were released a month ago, and one school says the system isn't fair.