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Joshua Wells / Sun Valley Resort

If the busier than expected summer season taught mountain towns anything, it’s that people are soaking up every opportunity to be outside during the pandemic. And now, recreation destinations are planning for that trend to continue this winter.





Ski resorts across the country are rolling out their plans for the winter season, which will begin during the COVID-19 pandemic that forced most mountains to shut their lifts early in March.




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Sun Valley businesses say the summer tourism season has been as busy as any other year, despite the pandemic.



SVWFC Ray Gadd

While countless conferences and festivals have been cancelled this year due to the pandemic, Andria Friesen says cancelling the 2020 edition of the Sun Valley Wellness Festival and Conference wasn't an option.

Sun Valley Music Festival

While most of the world's festivals, concert houses and theaters have gone silent this summer, the Sun Valley Music Festival will showcase no less than 14 concerts, featuring some of the planet's best musicians, performing in-sync from 43 cities across North America.

Sun Valley Film Festival / via Facebook

Earlier this week, President Donald Trump suspended several temporary work visas through the end of the year, which could hurt the ski industry in the Mountain West.


Rachel Cohen/Boise State Public Radio

For tourism destinations like Sun Valley, events are more than opportunities for gathering and celebration — they mean the promise of flights touched down, hotel rooms booked and meals eaten at local establishments.


Wood River Fire and Rescue

At one point, Blaine County, home to Sun Valley, had the highest per capita rate of COVID-19 cases in the entire country. It required an all-hands-on deck response from first responders, many of whom didn’t get a break before wildfire season picked up in April. 



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Blaine County has been hit hard by the outbreak of COVID-19. Fourteen of the region's medical personnel -- including two emergency room doctors -- have contracted the virus. 

Sun Valley Film Festival / via Facebook


Idaho Matters considers the economic impacts Idaho is already seeing because of the spread of Coronavirus. 

Sawtooth Avalanche Center

Last year, avalanches hit 11 structures in the Wood River Valley, rolling accross roads and wiping some houses out completely. The workers tasked with cleaning these messes up, along with snow from typical storms, sometimes don’t speak English.

Sun Valley Film Festival

Oscar-winners, emerging filmmakers and some of the industry's most successful directors, producers and screenwriters are all on the guest list of the 2020 Sun Valley Film Festival, March 18-22. A rising star on the boutique film festival scene, the SVFF celebrates the art of storytelling with days of films, panels, parties and world premieres.

Rachel Cohen/Boise State Public Radio

The Sun Valley Culinary Institute is accepting applications for its first professional cooking program that will begin in September.


Joshua Wells / Sun Valley Resort

Bogus Basin was the first ski resort in Idaho to open some terrain on Fridays through Sundays a couple weeks ago. This week more lifts around the state will start running.


Arapahoe Basin Ski Area / Boise State Public Radio

Ski and snowboard season is already here.


Bald Mountain, Sun Valley
Christopher Koppes / Flickr Creative Commons

The U.S. Forest Service and the National Forest Foundation are holding community forums this fall to come up with solutions for forest health issues on Bald Mountain. The Forest Service and the Idaho Conservation League are holding a "Science Pub" talk on this topic on Wednesday evening at the Sawtooth Brewery Public House in Ketchum.


Bald Mountain, Sun Valley
Christopher Koppes / Flickr Creative Commons

Sun Valley is increasing air service to the Friedman Memorial Airport in Hailey for the upcoming holiday season. The nonprofit leading the expansion, Fly Sun Valley Alliance, says it's in preparation for Sun Valley Resort joining the Epic ski pass group.

Sun Valley Film Festival

When most people think of the Sun Valley Film Festival, they probably think of top drawer movies and film stars visiting Idaho in the winter. But this year, the festival is extending its reach to other parts of the calendar. Joining us is SVFF executive director Teddy Grennan and Laura Mehlhaff who has recently transitioned to head the Sun Valley Film Initiative.

Rachel Cohen/Boise State Public Radio

Two years ago, Ruby Horton was sitting in a room at the Limelight Hotel in Ketchum. She was there to support her father, who was a panelist at the Sun Valley Forum.

Friedman Memorial Airport

The annual Allen and Company conference, which kicks off this week in Sun Valley, is notably secretive. But one place that isn’t so quiet before and after the conference is the airport.