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This Saturday night, Surel's Place combines physical exertion with art with the artBike Tour in Garden City. The tour will visit Surel's Place resident Laura PelligrinelliHeather Wright's installation at the "Green Box," Julia BallengerKaren Woods, Linda Williams, Sue Latta and more. Idaho Matters talks with Jodi Eichelberger, director of programming at Surel's Place and May/June Artist-in-Residence, Laura Pellegrinelli, about her work collecting words and creating installations that convey messages of growth.

  • Our gaggle of reporters breaks down the week's headlines.
  • 'Don't Fry Day' encourages sun safety awareness.
  • Surel's Place presents an art tour on bikes.

Lynn Webster

Lynn Webster is Surel's Place resident artist for April. Her works focus on peregrine falcons and other birds of prey. Webster joins Idaho Matters with artist Samuel Paden and Jodi Eichenberger of Surel's Place.

  • Surel's Place April Resident Lynn Webster's work honors birds of prey.
  • St. Luke's perioperative programs look to improve patient outcomes.
  • Filling Idaho's 7,000 STEM jobs.
  • Boise State creative writing class talks with the King of horror.


The Surel Mitchell Live-Work-Create District begins the 2019 series of First Fridays next week. We talk with Surel's Place artist in residence, Matthew Gray Palmer, and Jodi Eichelberger, program coordinator with Surel's Place.

  • Our team of regional reporters breaks down the week's headlines.
  • Rep. Mat Erpelding calls SB 1159 "The Revenge on Voters Act."
  • First Fridays begin in April in the Surel Mitchell LWC District.

Surel's Place

When you think of art tours, you probably don’t think of hopping on a school bus and bouncing down the road with a group of strangers. But Thursday night, that’s exactly what some folks will do in Boise.


matthew gray palmer

Surel's Place artist-in-residence Matthew Gray Palmer is committed to creating 100 drawings and 30 paintings during his 3+ week stay in Boise. Palmer joins Idaho Matters to explain why he is doing this and the message behind his exhibition, Alluviam: Sifting in the Sandbox of Self.

  • Our team of regional reporters breaks down the week's headlines.
  • Surel's Place artist-in-residence to undertake daunting task of endurance.
  • Expressive Idaho looks at the art of saddle making.

Frankie Barnhill / Boise State Public Radio

Luma Jasim resettled in Boise in 2008 with her family, five years after the U.S. invaded Iraq.


  • Scooter share companies looking for a niche in the Treasure Valley.
  • Private citizens take recycling into their own hands.
  • Boom Tic Boom brings cinematic jazz to Surel's Place.
  • Boise Contemporary Theater previews upcoming season.

NYC-based musician Chuck Palmer has a talent for taking a step back to just listen to what’s going on around him. From the beats of street noise to the hum of the natural world, he works with "found sound" in his music. The musician was recently profiled by Boise State Public Radio News. Palmer is teaching a listening workshop at Surel’s Place in Garden City, where he has been an artist-in-residence.

  • The rate of suicide among senior Americans is on the rise.
  • School is almost in and Idaho Matters looks at getting students safely to school.
  • A New York artist brings an audio workshop to Boise.

Frankie Barnhill / Boise State Public Radio

In today’s frenetic world, sometimes it’s hard to step back and just listen to what’s going on around you. From the beats of street noise to the hum of the natural world, it takes a certain kind of ear to hear music in everyday sounds.

Frankie Barnhill / Boise State Public Radio

Surel’s Place is an artist-in-residency program on the banks of the Boise River in Garden City. The organization applied for their first NEA grant in 2017, knowing the likelihood of getting one in the first application was quite low.

Frankie Barnhill / Boise State Public Radio

It’s been 15 years since Hasan Elahi was interrogated by the FBI as a suspected terrorist.

Frankie Barnhill / Boise State Public Radio

There’s a house in Garden City with strange noises happening inside.

Experimental electronic artist Gretchen Jude is playing around with all kinds of instruments, including the sound from a cracklebox. Jude is the artist-in-residence at Surel’s Place this month. She’s from Idaho, but has spent time in Japan and now lives in Hawaii – places that all come up in her newest piece which Jude will debut Friday night.

Jodi Eichelberger / Surel's Place

Garden City hasn’t always been known for its artistic residents. But over the last 10 years, a growing number of creative types have set up shop there.

Surel’s Place is the focal point of the city's Live-Work-Create District. The multipurpose space, which hosts an artist in residency program, is named after Surel Mitchell. The painter lived in the house until her death in 2011.

Frankie Barnhill / Boise State Public Radio

Dave Eggar is one of those rare musicians who is equally at home in a large classical concert hall, on stage accompanying top 40 pop artists, and at a jam session with tribal musicians in the Philippines. He’s played at Carnegie Hall and has made pop music with artists like Coldplay, Beyonce and the late Amy Winehouse. 

The New York City-based musician has made it to the top of his field by stretching the boundaries of what it means to be a classically-trained cellist. 



In the dance world, tap is a quintessentially American form. And for dancer Andrew Nemr, it’s also a great way to tell stories.

The tap dancer recently traveled from New York to Garden City for a month-long stay at Surel’s Place. The residency is open to all kinds of artists, but Nemr is the first tap dancer to get a respite at the space.

After an interview this week at KBSX studios, the tap dancer gave Boise State Public Radio staff a short performance.