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Station Outage in Jackpot, NV (Oct. 8 2021)

KBSJ 91.3 FM in Jackpot NV is off the air due to a storm-caused power outage.

Engineering staff was alerted to a disruption to the transmitter site serving the Jackpot, NV area at around 4:45pm MDT today, as a strong thunderstorm passed over the transmitter site. Contact with the site was lost shortly afterwards.

Lightning maps show multiple lightning strikes in the immediate vicinity of the transmitter site around that time. The transmitter for KBSJ 91.3 is is still offline, and crews are deployed to investigate.

The on-site generator has been manually started after resetting the scrambled electronic control module that controls the backup power generator. The station is back on-the-air as of 8:09PM MDT.

Auxiliary connectivity was restored Saturday evening. Engineers are working to determine the extent of ongoing impairments.