Idaho Driver's License Offices To Close Statewide Beginning Thursday

Aug 8, 2018

If you’ve been planning to get a new driver’s license in Idaho this week, you might have to postpone your trip. 

Starting Thursday, all Idaho DMV offices handling driver’s licenses will be closed to upgrade their computer systems.

If you need to renew your registration or get a copy of your car title, those services will still be available.

"We all have our computers and they have system updates or our phones when they update the operating system and it’s kind of similar to that kind of process, but on a much bigger scale," says Bill Kotowski, a spokesperson from the Idaho Transportation Department.

Driver’s license services in Idaho have had intermittent crashes over the past year due to software problems from an outside vendor.

Kotowski says the hope is the updates will protect against future outages.

Driver’s license services in Idaho are expected to reopen Monday.

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