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Investigative Report On Oregon Justice System Begins At Idaho Border

On Wednesday, the Malheur Enterprise broke the story that 35 percent of people deemed to be criminally insane in Oregon and then let out of supervised care were charged with new crimes within three years of their release.

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2018 Idaho Midterm Election Results

Live election results: Get the latest on Idaho's propositions and races for governor, Senate and House.

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Hate crimes across the country were up 17 percent last year, according to the latest data from the Federal Bureau of Investigation out this week.

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Salt Lake City and Denver are the last two American cities vying for the 2030 Winter Olympic Games.


Idaho is helping battle the wildfires wreaking havoc in California. Resources from the Gem State are on the front lines.

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People living in Idaho with cases in immigration court often don’t have a lawyer. The law says they must be notified of organizations that provide free legal services, but until last month the closest place to get representation was in Montana.

Camp Rainbow Gold

After a decade of searching, Camp Rainbow Gold is close to buying a permanent property to host weekend trips and summer programs for children with cancer.

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Thanksgiving is less than two weeks away, meaning some people might already be packing their bags for the November 22 holiday. The Transportation Security Administration is bracing for one of the busiest Thanksgivings on record.

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A team of scientists from University of Idaho has made it to the finals in a competition to fight algae blooms in public waters.

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President Donald Trump may have shelved an endorsement that could have been a factor in one of Idaho’s most contentious gubernatorial primaries.

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An Idaho citizen’s committee has voted overwhelmingly to close a pension loophole for state legislators.

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A recent overhaul of some city plumbing in Ketchum is saving the Wood River Valley community a staggering amount of water.


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INL Researchers Find Power In Manure

Dealing with cow waste has been a challenge for dairy farmers in Idaho since the Gem State became America's third-largest dairy producer in 1980. Researchers at Idaho National Laboratory are studying the economic benefits of turning cow flops into fuel and yes, there is gold in them thar hills of manure. Idaho Matters speaks with an INL researcher about their pungent findings.

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