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Endowment for Local News

Our endowment invests your initial donation and uses annual interest earned to enhance strategic projects. As more donors contribute to Boise State Public Radio's endowment, the annual distribution grows and our capacity to serve Idaho multiplies.

How does the Endowment for Local News work?

Boise State Public Radio's Endowment for Local News is:

  • a charitable fund that offers a source of stability for our organization
  • a steady revenue source that allows us to plan for the future
  • a way for donors to leave a lasting impact on public radio in our community

The Endowment for Local News will be invested with the guidance and stewardship of Boise State University Foundation.
Distributions to Boise State Public Radio will be set at an approximate rate of 4% each fiscal year to meet current journalism, programming and infrastructure needs.

How was our Endowment for Local News created?

In 2020, the estate of Charles and Lorraine Childers left Boise State Public Radio $1 million in their will. To honor their legacy and deep appreciation for public radio, Boise State Public Radio created the endowment with the goal to ensure our audience has access to essential information provided by local public radio journalists.

The endowment will grow over time through a combination of donations and investment returns, and funds are spent to both meet current needs and the needs of future generations. Boise State Public Radio seeks to grow the Endowment for Local News with donations from current listeners and future bequests.

Please join us in securing the financial future of local journalism at Boise State Public Radio. Fill out the form below or contact our office for more information at bsprmembers@boisestate.edu or 208-426-3668.