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Community Representation Statement

Boise State Public Radio is committed to becoming a more diverse, inclusive and equitable organization.

We are striving to become anti-racist and inclusive to all historically marginalized communities. Our policies and practices will work toward dismantling ingrained systems of inequities to create and maintain a safe, supportive and diverse workplace.

We acknowledge the harm we’ve caused to communities and colleagues not part of the dominant culture. We will take meaningful actions to transform Boise State Public Radio systems that perpetuate inequality. We will also adopt a mindset of active listening and openness to allow for direct and sometimes uncomfortable conversations that help us unlearn ingrained patterns of hegemony.

In order to deepen our engagement with our community, we must first understand our personal and institutional roles of favoritism and privilege. Our coverage then will amplify underrepresented voices and challenge narratives that normalize systemic exclusion. This work is paramount to fulfilling our mission of serving our entire community.

We strive to provide educational, informational and cultural content that meets the needs of the community we serve. Our activities and practices are consistent with the Equal Employment Opportunity provisions and other applicable federal and state laws. To achieve these goals we provide ongoing education to staff, seek broad representation on our Community Advisory Board, mentor student interns and host community conversations.

Revised 8/31/23