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Waiting for Babette

Maloi Lannan, a teenage girl with short brown hair sits on stump amongst hay holding a baby lamb. The lamb's mother stands to her left inspecting the baby's head.
Louise Johns
Women's Work
Maloi Lannan holds Babette’s new baby, the first lamb born to her growing flock. Maloi plans to rotationally graze her sheep as a tool for promoting soil health, just like her parents do with their cows

Maloi Lannan (14) is an aspiring sheep rancher who is trying to do things differently.

She and her family practice regenerative agriculture on their ranch outside Livingston, MT. The family’s cows are moved constantly from small field to small field to prevent overgrazing and help the soil suck as much carbon out of the atmosphere as possible.

As she builds up her flock, Maloi wants to follow in her parent’s footsteps - the next generation of regenerative ranchers. And it starts with the birth of the first lamb to her flock.

But Babette, her very pregnant ewe, is not exactly cooperating. Waiting for Babette to deliver provides an opportunity to learn about rotational grazing and the struggles of a sleep-deprived teenage rancher trying to juggle lambing season and German class.

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