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Cows Not Condos

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Adrienne Larrew of Corner Post Meats kneels in tall grass. She's wearing a cowboy hat, sunglasses, a blue button-down shirt and jeans. Behind her a pile of pigs nap beneath pine trees.
Ashley Ahearn
Adrienne Larrew and her pigs at Kiowa Creek Ranch. The ranch is owned by the Audubon Society, which leases it to Corner Post Meats.

Adrienne Larrew is using her livestock to improve the health of the land she ranches on Colorado’s front range.

And, as more ranchettes and mansions sprout up around her, and suburban sprawl reaches farther and farther across the West, Adrienne’s part of a movement to keep agricultural lands from being developed.

Cornerpost Meats, Adrienne’s business, is the first ranch to get certified in the Audubon Society’s Conservation Ranching Program. The program incentivizes ranchers to adopt land management practices that support healthy bird populations, and keep rural lands from being subdivided and developed.

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