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Idaho's Eccentric Political Candidate Harley Brown Gets Reality TV Deal

Aaron Kunz
Idaho Public Television

Well, it happened. Idaho's very own gubernatorial debate superstar Harley Brown has inked a TV deal, according to the Boise Weekly.

Brown, a perennial political candidate Idahoans have known for years, got his 15-minutes of national fame back in May when he was part of Idaho Public Television's Republican primary debate for governor. The hour-long broadcast seemed more like a skit from SNL, not a serious exchange of policy ideas.

Brown's colorful quotes and sayings sprung up on just about every major television network and cable news channel in the country.

Brown was handily defeated in the May primary, and now he'll use his reality TV show to help in his campaign for U.S. President.

"We politicians crave publicity like an alcoholic craves his next drink," Brown told the Weekly. "This is essentially giving me my own liquor store."

The Weekly reports Mad Jack Entertainment will produce Brown's show. The company has produced shows for A&E and MSNBC.

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