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Jackpot Marijuana Dispensary Ordinance Moves Ahead

Coleen Danger
Flickr Creative Commons

An ordinance that would allow a recreational marijuana dispensary to open in Jackpot, Nevada cleared its first hurdle.

Elko County Commissioners voted 4-1 Wednesday to set up a public hearing on the ordinance, which would allow one recreational marijuana dispensary to set up shop in Jackpot.

Commissioner Delmo Andreozzi recommended the county split part of the money generated from the business. Under his proposal, the county would keep all of the 3% gross revenue tax, while Jackpot would keep the business license and annual renewal fees.

“By allowing this to happen in Jackpot we at least get some of the revenue to try to deal with the social impacts of this,” Andreozzi said.

The dispensary would pay $20,000 for its initial license and $10,000 annually to renew it under his proposal.

“I’ve came a long ways from a flat no to at least considering it only for the citizens of the town of Jackpot because industry isn’t just waiting to move into Jackpot,” said Commissioner Cliff Eklund.

The unincorporated town has seen residents leave as casinos have shed jobs and closed for months during the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic.

Still, Eklund wanted to hear from Elko County Sheriff Aitor Narvazia and how it would affect his department.

Navazia said he’s never been a big fan of marijuana, but that it would at least be regulated and sold safely, referencing some overdose deaths in the county last year due to pot that was thought to have been laced with other chemicals.

Commissioner Demar Dahl was the only no vote.

“There are no good things that come from marijuana except the money,” Dahl said.

He mentioned that he got calls from Republicans in Twin Falls who are concerned about marijuana making its way back to the city, which is a short drive north from Jackpot.

A public hearing on the ordinance has not yet been set.

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