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2020 could be one of the most consequential and unusual elections in American history. And now the time has come to cast a ballot, but how? And when? Boise State Public Radio is here to bring you the latest news and information you need to cast your vote in Idaho.

Today Is The Last Day To Request Absentee Ballot In Idaho

A hand holding a pen filling out a voting ballot.
Jens Alfke

With the election just 11 days away, many Idahoans are choosing to vote early or fill out an absentee ballot at home. 

If you’re looking to cast a mail-in ballot this year, you have until 5 p.m. on Friday, October 23, to request one. And after receiving your ballot, Ada County Clerk Phil McGrane suggests returning it promptly.

“We really encourage people by midweek next week if they haven't had a chance to stick it in the mail, to go ahead and take advantage of one of the five drop boxes throughout the county that will ensure that it gets to us timely,” said McGrane.

He said there has been steady participation in absentee voting this year. The Ada County Elections Office has mailed more than 140,000 ballots, and 85,000 of them have been successfully returned. 

If you’ve already voted and want to make sure that your ballot was received, McGrane said you can track it online at IdahoVotes.gov. 

“They'll see their absentee request and they'll also see the status, whether that means it's been requested, mailed or returned,” he said. 

And if there is an issue with your ballot, voters can follow up with their local elections office to clear it up. But, McGrane says that needs to be done before the polls close on Election Day.

Idaho voters can still vote early in-person until October 30. After that, voters can cast ballots at polling places, and register to vote, all day on November 3. 

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