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Early voting starts in Canyon County, offers new way to cast ballots

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Early voters in Canyon County can cast their early ballots starting Monday and until May 17. County Clerk Rick Hogaboam said this year early voters will get to choose between a digital and old fashioned paper ballot

“There are people who prefer marking by hand with a pen, and there are other people who prefer the touchscreen,” he said, adding the touchscreen was ADA compliant.

“Both ballot styles are going to go through the same scanner,” Hogaboam noted. “We've updated the software so it can accept both ballot styles. So that's to just accommodate the voter preference.

“In no way are we trying to say that one is more secure than the other,” he added.

Voters can go to either the Hispanic Cultural Center in Nampa and the Elks Lodge in Caldwell to cast their early ballot, regardless of where they live in the county.

“When you check in, we're able to identify your location, pull up your unique ballot style that's specific for you,” Hogaboam said. “Someone in Nampa might be working in Caldwell, and they want to go on their lunch break to the Caldwell early voting. They can do that, and vice versa.”

Hogaboam said this round can be confusing since Republicans hold closed primaries, but democrats do not. While only registered Republicans can vote for Republican candidates, unaffiliated voters can still request a Republican ballot when voting in person. He added voters should also make sure they are registered as voters’ lists are purged every four years.

“The pre-registration deadline has already passed so people cannot register right now and that is confusing to some people,” he said, adding they could register in person during early voting or on Election Day.

Early voting locations will be open 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday.

Residents across the state can go to VoteIdaho.gov for more information on how and where to vote early in their counties. All qualified voters can register at their early voting locations or on election day by bringing proof of residence and a valid ID.

I joined Boise State Public Radio in 2022 as the Canyon County reporter through Report for America, to report on the growing Latino community in Idaho. I am very invested in listening to people’s different perspectives and I am very grateful to those who are willing to share their stories with me. It’s a privilege and I do not take it for granted.

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