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Ask a Librarian

A person looks at books at a library in Miami, Florida.
A person looks at books at a library in Miami, Florida.

Chances are, if you love public radio, you probably love the library.

There are lots of similarities between what we do and what librarians do. Their services are free, meant to encourage members of the public to learn about and enjoy the world around them, and libraries are staffed by some awesome people, (cough, cough).

But what goes on behind the stacks? What are librarians doing when they’re not helping you check books out, keeping historical records, or running community events? And what challenges are libraries facing in America today?

Fear not. We convene a panel of those well-versed in the library arts and sciences to answer your questions about what it takes to shepherd this vital community resource.

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Avery Jessa Chapnick

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