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CAB Expectations

The Role of the Community Advisory Board and the Expectations of Members

The Community Advisory Board (CAB) helps to define, update and implement the Boise State Public Radio (BSPR) strategic plan, advises the station about community interests and developments, supports and advocates for BSPR in the community and works to facilitate and promote the long term sustainability of the station and its mission. 

Members of the CAB are expected to work individually and collectively to ensure that the CAB fulfills its role.  To meet that expectation, each CAB member is committed:

  • To be a member in good standing of BSPR.
  • To encourage others, including their family, friends, neighbors, and employers to become members of BSPR.
  • To actively participate in CAB orientation, committees, project groups and workshops. To be a member of at least one committee.
  • To make attendance at all meetings of the Board and committees on which he/she serves, a high priority. 
  • To be prepared to discuss and address issues and business placed on the agenda for scheduled meetings.
  • To avoid conflicts of interest between his/ her position as a member of the CAB and his/her personal and/or business interests, and, in the event of such a conflict, to advise the Chair of the Board or Committee of the existence of the conflict and to refrain from voting and/or advocating on the matter.
  • To accept and actively support actions taken by the majority of the CAB.
  • To identify individuals who meet CAB membership criteria and encourage them to submit applications for CAB membership to the Nominating Committee.
  • To actively promote and participate in BSPR events.
  • To speak knowledgeably about BSPR, its programs and goals to the community.
  • To be vigilant concerning developments in the community that are newsworthy and/or could impact the Station and to tell Station management about them on a timely basis.
  • To be vigilant about identifying opportunities for BSPR to increase the diversity of its membership, listening community and programming and to work with BSPR on the development of those opportunities after they are identified.

(Updated on January 8, 2019.)

Interested applicants should send a resume and cover letter expressing their interest to Boise State Public Radio, 1910 University Drive, Boise, ID 83725-1915. For additional information, call 208-426-3663.