CAB Expectations

Recognizing the importance of this responsibility, I undertake to serve as a member of the Community Advisor Board for Boise State Public Radio and I hereby pledge to carry out in a trustworthy and diligent manner my Role and Commitments as a Board Member.

Board Member’s Role:

A Board Member contributes to defining the station’s current strategic plan and when needed, contributes to the update and refinement of the station’s strategic plan and actively participates in the implementation and satisfactory fulfillment of the current strategic plan.

A Board Member participates actively in the advancement of the station’s financial goals and provides leadership in fundraising for the station, i.e. identifying, soliciting and/or providing an introduction to individuals who will further the station’s mission by their financial contributions and access to other resources.

Board Member’s Commitments:

• Expresses leadership by featuring Boise State Public Radio prominently in their charitable giving priorities every year, understanding that she/he is encouraged to give as generously as possible to the organization.

• Understands that the station anticipates that she/he will philanthropically support any capital or special campaign initiatives above and beyond their annual support, if financially feasible.

• Promotes Boise State Public Radio to the community and speak knowledgeably about the station’s programs and goals, educating those in their circles of influence.

• Pursues and/or encourages corporate or foundation giving to Boise State Public Radio when appropriate.

• Establishes, as a high priority, attendance at all meetings of the Board and committees on which he/she serves, knowing the Board needs full participation of its members to operate effectively (an expectation of four – six hours monthly for these meetings and events).

• Is prepared to discuss the issues and business placed on the agenda for scheduled meetings.

• Maintains the confidentiality of discussion occurring at all board and committee meetings.

• Avoids conflicts of interest between his/her position as a member of the Community Advisory Board and his/her personal and business life. If such a conflict does arise, a Board Member declares that conflict before the Board and refrains from voting on that matter.

• Accepts and actively supports all actions taken by the majority of the Community Advisory Board, and only acts on the Board’s behalf, or authorizes others to do so, with the informed consent of the full Executive Committee and knowledge of station management.

• Identifies individuals who meet Board membership criteria and recommends them to the Nominating Committee, especially when a vacancy exists on the Board.

• Channels concerns to the Station’s General Manager or station department heads, Board Chairperson or the appropriate committee of the Board, and follows up on those concerns as necessary.

• Serves on at least two committees or project groups, and participates in the accomplishment of their objectives. If he/she chairs the board, a committee, or a project committee, he/she calls meetings as necessary, ensures that an agenda and support materials are disseminated to all members in advance of the meetings, and provides minutes or reports of the group’s activities to the full Board of Directors.

• Actively participates in CAB orientation regarding the Station’s, goals, challenges and current operations; strategic planning and board development workshops.

• Actively promotes and participates in Boise State Public Radio events.

Interested applicants should send a resume and cover letter expressing their interest to Boise State Public Radio, 1910 University Drive, Boise, ID 83725-1915. Fax to 208-344-6631. Email to Katie John at katelynjohn[at] For additional information, call 208-426-3663.