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Students Demonstrate In Favor Of East Idaho High School's "Redskins" Mascot

Teton High School

A small group of high school freshman staged a walkout this week at Teton High in Driggs. The students’ demonstration reignited debate about the school’s controversial mascot.

Teton High School is the home of the Redskins. The school has served generations of students in Driggs, and the controversial mascot has been no stranger to debate.

This week, 10 freshman walked out of class with signs in favor of the Native American mascot. Speaking to the Idaho State Journal, one of the students said the mascot is part of the community’s heritage. He says the mascot is only racist if it’s being used as a slur. Since he and others are proudly identifying themselves as Redskins and the term isn’t being used in a negative context, he thinks the iconography of the school should remain.

The Redskin mascot almost disappeared in June of 2013 when the superintendent of the Teton School District unilaterally declared it would be replaced with something not considered offensive to American Indians. He said all traces of the mascot would be removed and tasked the high school with coming up with something new. His solo campaign was met with significant resistance from some in the community and didn’t last long. Two months after ordering the change, the superintendent said the issue would be resolved in the future.

On July 8, KIFI reoprts the Teton District School Board will host a discussion about the future of the Redskin mascot at Teton High.

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