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Interstate-5: It’s Electric


It’s getting easier to take an electric car on a Northwest road-trip. I-5 is going electric.

There’s a Chevron station just off of I-5 in Central Point, Oregon. You can buy gas there. Its more than $4 a gallon. Or you can plug in an electric car for free, and charge it in about 20 minutes. The Oregon Department of Transportation has just opened 8 stations like this one in Southern Oregon. Neil Appleton lives in Grants Grants pass. He brought his electric Nissan Leaf.

“I’ve had it close to a year. Seven thousand miles and not one drop of gasoline."

Appleton says the charging stations will help him travel farther. Now he can reach his doctors appointments 30 miles away without worrying about losing his charge. The Washington Department of Transportation is working on a similar initiative. By the end of the year, you’ll be able to plug in at stops along 1-5 from the California state line to the Canadian border.

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